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Simple but blistering, punk began in '77 but continues in the spirit and sound of many bands today. Cultural critiques, working class ethics, and D.I.Y. define the punk movement, as do a commitment to a guitar tone and quick style of playing first debuted in England.
Famous Last Line
Mind Control for Seniors (video)
Breath of the Yeti
Death Sentence
Alive Or Dead Bury Them Anyway
By: Trauma Slave
Glitchy and Scratchy (remix) by iD a ...
By: iD The Poet
Genius of Soul, Orbit from A Project ...
By: iD The Poet
Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs - GIRL
Submitted For Your Approval
Seventh Moon - Live at the Boardwalk ...
Trauma Slave "Repent"
By: Trauma Slave
Dodging Cathrine performs at Vans Wa ...
Dodging Cathrine performs at Vans Wa ...
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Hold Up
Artist: @jayfowl
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