Gospel Videos

Songs of praise that originated out of the hymns and praise songs of the early Christian Church melded with the music of Africa – brought over to American by slaves – gospel was a new mutation of worship that kept the soul of traditional music while enlivening it with a new style that emphasized beat, rhythm, and unbridled enthusiasm over muted praise. Organs, piano, choirs, and later entire bands with drums, guitar and bass were used to make gospel music as full as possible. However, just vocals/organ arrangements and a capella songs are still an important permutation of gospel.
Church - iToombs
By: iToombs
How I Sleep
By: Dayze
The Exit
By: Riteous Truph
Hostyle Gospel - Coming Back Again
Fly Like A Bird ( Mariah Carey Cover ...
By: Rashell
Keep The Change - iToombs
By: iToombs
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Artist: Selfmadenaro/Wageboyz
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