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A sound as simple and true as the men and women who made it. Three chords, sad stories, and no extras. A more technical blues guitar playing was popularized by Stevie Ray Vaughn, and a more guttural, lean style came to fruition later with bands like the Black Keys.
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Walk Away
Bad Situation
By: Jake Leg
hooyoosay - Come on & The under ...
By: hooyoosay
Oh Lord Where Is My World
hooyoosay - Don't you lie to me & ...
By: hooyoosay
hooyoosay - Connection & All sol ...
By: hooyoosay
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Industry Video
So Many Miles
My struggle
By: YoungHav
The Reason
hooyoosay - Hitch hike & Mercy mercy
By: hooyoosay
Psychedelic Forest
By: The Words of Nasha
Jesus Took Away My Blues [Live]
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Hold Up
Artist: @jayfowl
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