Indie Music Links & Resources

Click the links below to view these helpful sites. We will be expanding this list of Independent Music Resources over time, but if you would like to suggest a site that you think is beneficial to MadeLoud members & visitors, please send an email to [email protected].

A&R Services

Bluespring Music Group - Music talent agency focusing on helping indie artists go mainstream

Taxi - Helping independent artists & songwriters to get record deals and solidy their music careers. Taxi is one of the leading A&R companies.

Hit Quarters - Large directory of A&R reps, managers and producers. Find the right representative to manage your music career and take you to the next level.

Mia Mind Music - Entertainment marketing and promo company with 20 years experience. Check out their Artist & Repertoire division.

CD Duplication and Mastering

Disc Makers - Offers different packages for CD Duplication, Enhanced CD and more. They wish success upon every musician and it shows in their great customer service.

A to Z Media - Works with a who’s who of leading indie labels and artists. Very adept at producing special and unique packaging. Has great deals for vinyl and download cards and offices in NY, Midwest and CA.

CDMan - CDman works with indie artists, film producers and sales teams to arrange delivery of packaged CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray (BD) discs, download cards, T-shirts and other music related merchandise.

Radion Stations Online

Aiir Radio - Indie Music radio station dedicated to airing independent bands and unsigned artists. Aiir Radio has live DJs 24/7 bringing you top underground music.

eoRadio - Internet Radio Station playing nothing but underground unsigned artists. Submit your songs. They will listen. Who knows, maybe they'll play your song!

Soma FM - Commercial-free, online radio station with MP3 broadcasts heard round the world. 18 different channels, seperated by various independent music genres.

Indie 104 - Hear top independent music from Indie 104 and discover new indie bands. Their internet radio is heard by 7.5 million listeners!

Music Equipment Reviews

Harmony Central - This site has great information about music gear and product reviews. Harmony Central is very helpful for people looking for newly released music (as well as yet-to-be released) guitars, soundsystems and anything else you can think of really.

Music Gear Review - Reviewing musical instruments as well as recording equipment, music software, mixers and other gear. See the listed pros and cons individuals have listed on specific pieces of music gear.

Music Lessons Online

Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks video guitar lessons has 45 guitar instructors with over 3000 online guitar lessons in one massive site. Guitar Tricks lessons take you step by step so you can learn from the beginning to an advanced level.

Video Piano Lessons - Piano Tricks has free online piano lessons with video and audio examples. Most lesssons are for the absolute beginner but there are also some for the advanced student.

Music Software

Metronome Software - Ultimate Metronome is downloadable metronome software with unique features. Speed Drill increases the beat over time to force you to play to your limit and break through to the next level.

Music Competitions

Guitar Tab - Guitar War is an online guitar battle. Metal guitarists from all over the world gather to match up in head to head online guitar competition, with over 10,000 lead guitar tabs.

Music Promotion

Music Clout - Music Clout offers musicians an online platform of music placement and promotion opportunities. Along with career advancing benefits, industry tools and resources used to get deals, they help make connections and jump start music careers!

Music Resources

Middle Tennessee Music - Empowering indie musicians online via how tos, research, reviews, interviews, and anything related to indie music.

Bible in Song - Bible in Song is a great online resource for all things Christian music. They have tons of Christian music for sale, as well as sermons, DVDs, karaoke, and sheet music. And check out their Freebies page for their free music giveaways!