Tattooedglass — kansas city, MO

Genre: Metal


Personal Information

Name: Jesus Campos,jr
Gender: Male
Birthday: 12/16/1969
Occupation: Welder

About Me

Not to much really just that i am a seperated man from his wife ,,,i am single then and looking but not in that sense yet,,,still realling over that last ex...i miss my dog that she took,,,i still listien to metal,,,i still play metal and other types of music,,,i tattoo glass,,basically etch,,,i just call it that cause thats what i like. i write some not as much as i use too but still do,,,i am a welder by trade,,,looking for work,,,,i sit online most of the times that i am not out,,,which is few and far in between,,,,when i do go out i check out local bands...any more you want know just ask....


Music,writing,playing my bass,tattooing my glass,talking to my friends online, meeting new people, plenty more interests they just change or i have new ones daily...everything basically is an interest to me,,,as long as who or what i am viewing listining to or communicating with is real and not out to get money off me by asking to follow the white rabbit to there 'room'...other than that i will talk to anyone,...

Favorite Bands/Artists

Black Label Society, OZZY, Metallica,Slayer,Mudvayne,Slipknot,Pantera,Motley Crue,Sixx A.M.,Sepultura,Testament,Drain Sth,a new dude i heard on myspace,,my friend Pog,,,from wales=uk...Check him out...Motorhead,,Suicidal Tendencies, So many many more i co

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