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Ryan James Quinn

Rice Lake , WI
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United States
Rice Lake
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My name is Ryan.

I've never been good at sharing myself outside of music. Outwardly loud and obnoxious, inwardly reflective and shy. Makes for a hard time promoting my own work, and figuring out what you want to know about me.

So I'll begin with this:

I started an independent radio show dedicated to indie music in 2011. That same year I worked on my first mixtape. By 2012 the radio show was picked up by an internet radio network and I was working on what would become my second and third mixtapes.

After spending far too much time trying to fabricate a sound I could call my own, I stepped back and saw a keyboard that had been floating around my house since the early 2000s. It was old, the sound outdated, and well, fairly beat up. It called to me. And together we made the sounds you hear on this site.

Lyrically it's just re-hashing my past, and as far as beat production goes it's extremely basic, just taking the pre-made loops and manipulating them as I rap. It's simplistic and honest, and just the tip of the iceberg I plan to explore. So if you dig what you hear, stick around. There's more. I got soo many more.


(indie) Music (of all kinds)
Longboards and Flip Flops
Acoustic Guitars and singing females.

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The Rhymesayers Roster, Macklemore, A Tribe Called Quest, Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, Talib Kweli, Common,


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