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Grammy formerly known as Pee Deep
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United States
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It started In Jacksonville, Fl where Pee-Deep's Grandmother , Sister, neices and nephews
lived. Pee-Deep is from Minneapolis, Mn. However, being apart of a close nit family kept Pee-Deep in the south for many years. Where a very young Pee-Deep begun to patamime his favorite group at the time, The Force Mc's And their Hit Song (Love Is A House) . Pee-Deep would perform The song for the neighborhood kids, and he and his sister would charge a dollar for the kids to come into their Grandmothers yard and watch the show through the front window.
One day a 9 year old Pee-Deep and his 8 year old sister got into a fist fight, about the organization of the show. It was a very intence fight , Pee-Deep and his sister at that time charged an extra dollar because of the fight. It was at that age that Pee-Deep wrote his first song (Practically in Jeopeordy) and then his first album (War of the 80's).

Then the music (not Pee-Deep's music) became something that was so strong , it can easily be referred to as one of the most important factors in Pee-Deep's life. From the posters Pee-Deep drew of George Clinton from a bed room full stolen high tech music equiptment. There was a lady called the streets that was calling Pee-Deep away from the music. Pee-Deep began to hutsle and dive head first into the street life. The music was The Iselsy Brother's, Micheal
Jackson, Tom Petty and The Heart Breakers, and the new thing called Hip Hop. Pee-Deep put his music aside to open a business and buy a home.

Many years later Pee-Deep was in his new home , with his two Girl friends and there was a rap contest on the local radio station KMOJ 89.9 in Minneapolis, Mn. Pee-Deep called in and won the contest, only in Pee-Deep's opinion because he was the only rapper that used a chorus with his freestyle. However He won the contest. The contest was held on New Years Eve. Pee-Deep had some altercations with the law, and had to serve thirty days in jail starting Jan 10th , the Judge in the case agreed to have Pee-Deep serve the senence after
the holidays, when Pee-Deep entered the Hennepin County Work House Facility to serve his time, he entered in as a local celebrity because of the rap contest on the radio. There was a local Minneapolis artist named Missn'Link that was in the Sorce Magazine he was serving his own sentence. Missn'Link was singed to Pro BasketBall Player Acie Earl's VenomProductions.
Missn'Link mentored Pee-Deep and took him to Moline , IL and introduced him to Acie Earl, putting Pee-Deep in a postion to be a hard core dose of reality wake up to any Rapper that
considers him or her self apart of the hard core world of the rap underground. Pee-Deep & Venomproductions would go on to open a show for the Wu Tang Clan In Russia " Google Venom Live from Russia DVD" as well make a new Video & DVD with LiL John and The East Side Boys & Big Tigger from BET'S RAPCITY. P.S. If your a real PeeDeep fan then the movie you want to see is Google" VENOM HOW WE DO IT DVD".

Thanks for your support, Sincerely Pee Deep



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FLeetwood mac


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