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Poker, music, puppies, long walks on the beach, pirates, chicks who are pirates (slightly cooler than chicks who are ninjas, sorry ladies), texas toast, bass guitar, playing said instrument in Down Faye, Family Guy, sleep, video games, tratando de hablar en español, camaraderie, Shiner Bock

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Too many to list.Stuff you can find in my current rotation:Daft PunkThe ToadiesJusticeDown Faye (represent!)MuseThursdayRadioheadThe Killers



I can see you are a true music fan.. nice to meet you and hope we stay in touch.


Right on Matt

Hey matt, Come visit my page to check out my tracks and tell me what you think, I'll highly appreciate it. Thanks

HardLife Records

That's some really good music there! Keep it up!

People should feature your music right here. I like it a lot.

get ex back

Thanks for the support and the friend invite.


Many thanks for the friendship and for featuring my music! I am honored. :-)

check out the ep

the Digital Movement is On!!

Hi Matt!
Nice to meet you and thank you for the friendship!
Listen us and leave a comment, please!
We're glad to know what do you think about our track!


Thanks for the welcome Matt! Just wanted to drop by and let you know that we have some tunes up now. So please stop by, check them out, and let us know what you think.

For Every Action

Thanks for the welcome Matt! Also nice to see Muse in your favorite bands!

Kara W.

Thanks for changing it, I don't know why you didn't get the e-mail.

Hey Matt, Cheers for the add!!

Hope you liked the vibes.
If your interested then please drop over to and join our fan list? Its free!!
Theres also some free music downloads over there as well.

Best of Luck!


MR.RUKKUS says Thanx for reaching out first much respect tella friend peace. stay focused.

Thanks for being our first fan here on madeloud!

Metal Hugs from New Zealand, brother!!


Exogamy by Wedlock out now! xoxo Steph/Wedlock

Thanks for being the first friend or fan of Wedlock on Made Loud.It's deeply appreciated.

My experience is that if I try and smile on command, I look like I'm about to die from crippling gas pain in the middle of a piranha attack (give or take some exaggeration).

Your music is real good - I am listening to it. Thank you too for giving me a heads up too. I'm glad you have finally got the site loaded with your music. Peace - Love.

The Shaman - Dr Linda J

Thanx I figured it out. Get in touch with me man, and check out my music.

hey i fixed one of the songs on my playlist i had one song up there twice. it said gun battlin but it was come test twice so u can check that one out. but also i made "ayo" temporarily free to download so if u like the feel free to download it.peace

Thanks Matt!

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the holler. It's nice to meet you. Stop by any time.

Robert Hall

Nah, I was messing around in Penguin Pastures there. Flamingo Fantasy Forest was kind of fun (the necks and all), but Jaguar Junction was the best. Dead Dingo Ditch was the most boring exhibit, although we did get to eat live stingrays right after. Well, "got to" and "did" are sort of the same, right?

THAT IS SO CRAZY BECAUSE MY FAVORITE MOVIE IS WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING! Seriously though, never poop in my mouth again. Five times is one time too many.


I just don't know about that kid. I was in Phoenix for work. It was hot. I'll be here this weekend though, is it cash game or tournament? Will Howard be able to get back with the typhoon frolicking through Taiwan? Will Stuart thwart poker with other non-pokery plans? Will Andrew still be wearing a boot?

...stay tuned


again and again and again and again!

nice to meet you. i enjoy long walks on the beach as well. cheers!


I love the holidays. You get to reunite with family and friends, exchange gifts, and decorate your house with the most crazy display of lights anyone has ever seen. Nowadays, electronics are a little more modern and we are able to give a more viewtastic (that's my own made up word) display and complete with audio. The result is a mix between the traditional house lights and Guitar Hero. How...  Read more
More like the most random hook up, ever. writes... "Musical worlds are colliding, if reports that Jessica Simpson is dating the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan are to be believed. "She has fallen hard and is smitten," a source tells E! News, which reports that the 29-year-old romantically unlucky singer and Corgan, 42, are "officially dating." When reached by PEOPLE, a rep for Simpson...  Read more
So as I was checking around for a good topic to blog about, I came across an interesting article on the 27 Club. Now I'm sure the majority of you already know about this "curse" that looms over musicians but for all those who don't, I will enlighten you. The 27s are a list of musicians who have died at the age of 27. Sheer coincidence? I'm not sure exactly, but the list is huge. There is a...  Read more
As I was combing through an automobile blog I read daily, I caught a very interesting article about a carbon fiber guitar. What is carbon fiber you ask? Well, it's a material made from small strands of fiber woven together with carbon atoms. The result is a super resilient and lightweight material. Anyways, the product is a hollow body acoustic guitar that sounds surprisingly good. Some key...  Read more
Well, that's not entirely true. However, if you saw what happened to her Twitter recently, you might think otherwise... Despite her past, you might not be surprised at all to see something like this. Her page is now fixed as you can see above claiming that hackers were responsible for the whole ordeal. At least those hackers have a great sense of humor. According to, the pyramids...  Read more
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