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I play in the band Mount Righteous, and I help out here at Made Loud.


Music, History, Food, The Internet, Nature.


Nice to meet you here Mason

your tunes are pretty sweet! nicely done!

The Unnamed DJ
Two Souls Radio
Radio Free Minturn

I like your bands music. Good Luck and Enjoy.

Sessionworks Studios


Party time
So, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I've been learning how to play the sousaphone. After the last couple of band practices I'm feeling pretty confident, I've memorized pretty much all of our set and can play with a decent tone. Anyway, tomorrow, (Friday, August 29) I'll be playing my first show with my band at Rubber Gloves in Denton. Visit the Mount Righteous page here and read the blog to...  Read more
It's been raining here in north Texas, which means power outages and internet connectivity problems. I wasn't able to get online at home so I've come up to Denton to a coffee place called Jupiter House. I ordered some pretty strong coffee, and right now it kind of feels like I could shoot lasers from my eyes if I concentrated hard enough. Anyway, It's a pretty nice place. In December I started...  Read more
A couple of weeks ago I was asked to play a small part in a music video for my friends Michael and Michael of Death to the Doom Riders. The video turned out great. Check it out.   Read more
The other day I stumbled onto a free mp3 of a song from the new record by David Byrne and Brian Eno called Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. Check it out here. I'm a pretty big Talking Heads fan and when I read a while ago that Byrne was collaborating with Eno on a new record, I was pretty excited. That said, I hadn't been paying very close attention to what was going on with the...  Read more
This past weekend I moved into a new house with 5 of my band mates. Its a really cool old 2 story house right by a marina on lewisville lake. Texas is extremely hot this time of year, and moving my stuff was pretty exhausting, but I was really anxious to get into a new place, and now I'm really happy to be settled. Mason  Read more
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