lennifer — Austin, TX

Genre: Bluegrass / Bossa Nova / World

Personal Information

Name: Leni Gillespie
Gender: Female
Birthday: 05/26/1983
Occupation: Bartender

About Me

i'm pretty open minded when it comes to music, except for singer/songwriter bullshit. if you're song has the word "babylon" anywhere in it, i'm not interested. i'm really into the kansas bluegrass scene, as well as surf rock, rockabilly, hip hop, and brit-pop.


i knit, bake, make my own beer, and am generally a crafty individual. i have a cat named margaret and a dog named gordy, and we dance around the house a lot.

Favorite Bands/Artists

southern culture on the skids, the ventures, bo diddly, the shangri-las, johnny cash, the dewayn brothers, split lip rayfield, truckstop honeymoon, perfect pants, univac, devin the dude, lily allen, amy whinehouse, titan go kings, the boosh band, lucas hu

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