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I like turtles.


see above*

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snoop dog
hall & oates


Nice to meet you here


After long enough, SXSW becomes a way of life. A sort of wake up and rage cycle with it’s own twisted momentum. This year was the best festival I’ve ever attended in a decade of south by. Come Saturday, you’ve crested the adrenaline euphoria, and it’s just a mad endurance run like driving to LA in one day. Last night I found the best cure for festival fatigue; metal and hard rock. Nothing else...  Read more
Recap – Thursday and Friday Thursday- The festival has become a tsunami of great times. Too much to get into one blog post, so just hang in there for the comprehensive recap next week. I did see Thurston Moore play an acoustic set, and We Are Scientists bring down the house, but I have to devote this space to two of the greatest performances I’ve ever witnessed. Images of The XX Witness is the...  Read more
So, I've had some issues with my camera situation. This festival has been a huge learning experience as well as greatly entertaining. I couldn’t have hoped for a better Wednesday night. I love this town, and I love this festival in spite of all the pretentious teen angst. SXSW gives thousands of artists a global platform to perform and be found. There’s a meaning to promotion that reaches beyond...  Read more
I started out my SXSW before the actual festival at Momo’s on West Sixth. The World Groove showcase brought out a vibrant crowd filled with dancers and beautiful young people. Austin’s Ocote Soul System was the highlight. They mix deep funk grooves with electronics and Latin singing. DJs from San Francisco and New York filled in between sets with sharp beats and funky rhythms. Momo’s is one of my...  Read more
SXSW brings in musicians from all over the world. The festival gives you the chance to travel across musical boundaries whilst bouncing around Austin venues. Take a gander at our international music guide to SXSW. Wednesday March 17- Serena-Maneesh / Oslo NORWAY / 1am / Club De Ville 900 Red River St / Serena Maneesh have a new record coming out at the end of the month, and after listening to the...  Read more


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