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Welcome to my music fan profile page! My name is Howard Huang and I am the overseer and protector of I started this place for musicians to showcase their music and merchandise while giving the feel of an open mic night for music lovers. Although I am guilty of sheepishly and honestly enjoying hit songs from the top 100 charts, it's always a pleasure and humbling experience to stumble across a genuine struggling artist wanting to get their songs out there for the world.

Embracing the indepedent music scene is my passion and it has always been an adventure of mine to come across a great band and/or song that none of my friends have ever heard of. If anyone has any problems/questions/wishes/suggestions/etc... feel free to send me a message. I won't bite, and I'll most likely be on this website in some form or another.


Besides having an interest in, I know how to play many instruments such as the clarinet, trumpet, guitar, bass, and drums. I recently self-taught myself drums which you can hear my mad skillz if you navigate to this artist page:

Another interest of mine is I love attending shows. If you went to one that you highly recommend I would love to hear it.

Favorite Bands/Artists: 

I generally like Progressive Rock Bands, but I'd say I enjoy all types of music. I'll keep the list short but some of the bands off the top of my head are:
Radio Head
The Mars Volta
At the Drive In
Josh Rouse
Phantom Planet


Hope all is well Mr. Howard :)

Hi Howard. Just saw your comment on our artist profile and wanted to sincerely thank you for not only the comment, but for creating a site that in my eyes, allows the merits of the artist to rise above all else. Ive always believed in art for its own sake and MadeLoud makes that simple commitment possible in a starry eyed world obssessed with stardom.

tanks howard

Hey check out our friends Redem-Shun their new, Thanks. love what your doing sounds great!

Awesome, thanks for the kind words.

Yo Howard fix my artist stats they aren't showing up homie

Would be happy to. Let me know your artist name and email me: [email protected]

thanx howard

Howard, greetings from a new artist on your site! I've been very happy with the plays and downloads I've gotten so far and look forward to uploading more. I do have one question, when you use the search on the site it gives you a global Google search, not a search limited to your site, which makes it hard to search for bands. Any chance of making search site-specific?
Keep up the great work!

That's interesting. At one point our search was strictly local to artists on MadeLoud, but we found that there were many who wanted to find more mainstream artists. Was there a particular artist you were looking for?

No, nobody in particular, but if I was, I wouldn't find them unless they would be high up in the Google results - which most of us are not (yet). I'm also thinking that it would be good for an artist to be able to tell people to just go to and find their music, as in situations where you can't provide the full link to the profile page.
Could I suggest a tick box next to the Search so the user could opt for either a site-specific or global search? That works nicely and you'd get the best of both worlds.
Thanks again for a great site!

i like wat ur doing u shld check out my music and let me know wat u thnk!

Thanks for the shout out Ace. Your songs sound great and I love the fact that you've made them all free. Keep up the good work.

Hello howard!nice site u got! I have a few instrumentals n songs here,will be glad if u listen to them.

They sound great Rawd.

Been searching all over the web for a place where I can look for music. I love listening to music but have to confess I can't play any instruments... Not enough to qualify me as a musician anyway.

There is always time to learn!

Thanx, Howard. Awesome website!!!

Thanks for the kind words. You gotta get some songs up here!

Really love the site you've built. If you get time review my profile check out some of the videos and music. All original!! Thanks.

Awesome songs. Have you considered offering a few songs for free?

I think you would like my track will we every dance again the l

yrics are out this world.

Thanks for droping by Harold. I definitely enjoyed that track. Keep up the good work

hey wassup i read you ''about me'' your pretty cool and staight foward i need a number of fans i was wondering if you can howard and also check mmy websites im always updating

Thanks for the kind words. I'm actually listening to Lap Dance as I write this. Need more songs up here!

I'm your newest fan. If you're looking to get more exposure for your music you might want to check out our promotion services. Many artists have found it quite successful. Check out our options at:

Thanks Howard! MadeLoud has provided me (and many more artists) a good deal of recognition from my friends and family. Everyone should know about this website!

That's great to hear! I really think it's time to put up a photo don't you think?


Hi Howard and thanks for becoming a fan. MadeLoud has provided me some great exposure in a very short time and that's tremendous encouragement when you're a new artist struggling to be heard. Looking forward to a long relationship with you!

cheers mate! our best wishes from Brazil!


Nice to meet you Howard

Hey, thanks for the support man

Hey Howard, I appreciate you creating a website like this for artists. Something like this gives a artist one step closer to reaching their dream goal. Come to my page and check out the music and tell me what you think. Also, you can visit Thanks

HardLife Records

hey come check us out

New music up... Thanks for checking me out!

Howard, you rock! Thanks for featuring us.

New site looks great! Nicely organized and Very user friendly . I love the color choices.

Thank you very much for featuring my music, I am honored! And good continuation to the great work on this site. :-)

cool ..I just put a face with the name..
keep up the good work !

and just remember

.. its a long way to the TOP

if you wanna rock n roll

David Mc
David Blaze

HEY HOWARD, If you have a minute, check out the new release and video, go to the home sit , called ONE BITE.Tell me what you think if you have time. Thanx.

Thank you so much for making us a featured band of the week!

check out the ep

the Digital Movement is On!!

Hey. I like your site. All it needs is more people on it

Thanks for the comment...I will be releasing an EP very soon, in the coming months actually. It will be the teaser before my album, which is dropping in 2010. Thank you for the feature and I'll be sure to get you the CD when it is done. Much thanks...

Hi Howard

let the music play...down in fraggle rock

Your favorite bands list is pretty sick. Muse is an amazing band. They actually were an inspiration to the chord progressions in our songs.

I'm glad you like our music dude. I read your reply in the forum, so for a while all our songs are going to be free. Peace dude.




what is this?

time for me to find my stickers and one up this fool.

Hey Howard thanks for stopping by my page! Love to see another Muse fan here :) I plan on playing : CE, Host, Endlessly, & Unintended at my next gig (Monday 22nd!)

Kara W.

I just wanted to let you know that I just released a new album this month. I know you were interested in purchasing a CD, so I figured I'd share the news. It will be available for purchase on iTunes, and CD Baby in the next month or so!



We have music up if you wanna check it out.

Really appreciate the kind words my friend. I have quite a backlog of tuneage ready and just got my studio moved and ready. Should have some new material posted soon. Thanks again, The Thin One

Thanks for the recommendation.

Yes, they indeed rock. I just became a fan. ;D

Tame faye so we can go to the dog park!!

pretty much.

thanks for taming faye the other day. I woke up with both arms.

Hey Howard! I finally had a chance to put the stickers you sent me on my bike! Check em' out! and thank you again.


howard, i wish i'd remembered to tell you in person how AMAZING the mars volta set at ACL festival was!!!

next time... :)



Hey Howard, sorry this took so long to get back in writing! It was really nice meeting you too, at Monolith.. it was such a good weekend. Thanks for all of your help.. and You keep ME updated on stuff too .. okay? Be well.
~Lynsey Smith

hey Howard,

I don't think we should be forced to include music genres when we're searching for other friends. Can you make that optional?


it has potential :)

and thanks for downloading my tracks!

I just got my first unsolicited friend request from some dude I don't know. Congratulations - your site is on its way!


I like


website works.

Lil Wayne is that you?

You should take a picture with a white back ground with a white looking to your right. Lonssssss <3

what are you talking about?

Like Tom on Myspace

Lonssssss <3

Tom is my hero

So, you're on a band's page, listening to one of their tracks ... and you're totally digging it so you go "I want to be a fan!" So you click become a fan ...... and it cuts off the music track. And when you go to listen to it again it starts over from the beginning.

My idea is for the music to keep playing.

Thank you.

Also, can we post a comment without previewing it first?

This is one of the reason why we put the "pop up" button on the radio player. It opens a new window so users can continue listening to playlists while they are browsing throughout the site. But you make a good point and we will look into it so people dont have to manually click on the pop up player.

Now that we are friends, let's get the spelling of my name right
F-R-A-N-C-H-E-S-K-A!!!!! Not Franciissccoooooo!


new comments should appear from the top... and not add on from the bottom, eh? right?

why do they appear BOTH on the side AND under your profile? that looks weird... and excessive

where's that picture taken?

Mount Bonnel in Austin


You have been working hard producing an album, and you volunteered yourself (conveniently) to create all of the advertising and promotional materials you require...but then you sit down at your computer and you draw a blank on what to say in your copy. Do you riddle it with clever tag lines and send it off to the printers? Do you cover your ad with large mysterious artwork that appeals to...  Read more
It seems like everywhere you look, someone is starting a blog.  Your sister is starting a workout blog, your mom is starting a cooking blog, and your friend is starting a blog about things he despises.  A plethora of blogging platforms are out there from which to choose - Myspace, Facebook, Tumblr, Wordpress, and, of course, MadeLoud!  It is now easier to start a blog than ever, so why are you...  Read more
More updates and Improvements!
Well, it's been awhile since I wrote a blog. We have been working hard. Bugs and errors are still being ironed out, but we are getting closer and closer to make everything tight. Below you'll see the most notable items we've implemented since my last update. Radio Player -embeding of the player to any website is configured properly -Clicking the album art of the current song being played takes...  Read more
Welcome to MadeLoud!
Hello Everyone! I guess I should start off by formally introducing myself. My name is Howard Huang, and a proud founder of MadeLoud. We have come a very long way to get here and much more things are planned to make this environment a fun, exciting, and educating place to visit. Many of the things you encounter on this site today will improve as we analyze and modify each and every link, image...  Read more


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