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Cincinnati , OH
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United States


Mr Frog? Are you there?

Man, your kin folk are sure raisin a ruckus round these here parts lately! Talk about horny frogs......

BLESSDOGG 480-463-0968

come check me out let me know wat cha think thanks "le-go"...

Anyone interested in a solar power water heater? No? I did not think so..........

i have finally found your hiding spot frog.....steve rupert is about to come here and get a version of stoned by you he wants.... should i make all my new song free on this website since this your pad now frog??? let me know...

How frogolicious this is! A frogs humor is slippery and wet like some other yummy thing that you can lick and get off on:)


..............and decided to comment on the comment in your comments.

i have real life, gigootz life and afterlife...
but i have no second about you?

is your gigchat still being invaded? i post a chatcheck there every once in awhile. works for me. however,




A comment a day keeps the warts away..or do frogs even get warts?
Keep an eye out for flies.

happen to know if the big fat frog that lives under my bridge is a relative of yours? Last time I saw him I think he winked at me. Thanks for adding my Audio Frog Weapon song to your playing dvice!

is a frog in all places!

what a profile!

and I came by to say hi too!!!!! i never ignore frogs. they have weapons.

i never ignore you. You are my inspiration and wisdom referral. i just got back online. turns out they fixed it yesterday. i reset my modem and nothing happened. then i remembered i have a router also. when i reset the router it was a magical explosion of cyber oneness. i feel uplifted and sad at the same time. who hacked gigootz? they just made my short list.

Thought I would do a flyby to see the what and why
and the how you are!

got two profiles. it was an accident. really.

oh well, double trouble.

I know, I tried to "befriend" you, but it said I didn't have permission or something like that. very strange. maybe we should sign on as artists so we can be friend-like. nah. doesn't matter.
we will always have gigootz......

as for spacebook, don't get there often because i can't figure it out yet. either its far too simple and i'm making it too hard or its too hard and i'm rather simple. don't have much time to mess with it, but i'll do something in the future to get booted off i'm sure. I just cannot leave things alone, been hangin with the bird too long I guess. I think I'm the only person on that site that doesn't use their real name and never went to college. ha. ; )




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