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Wow I just stumbled back onto this site after a year and can't believe the changes. It looks so sharp now! Definitely going to upload some free top notch stuff now. Thanks again for putting the word out with Blurtastic. Its not my favorite lol and I have improved but its still awesome :D

Excellent, nice avatar

Nice avatar ;)

hey come check us out n leave feedback thanks

check out my page n tell me what u think

HEY CRAIG, If you have a minute, check out the new release and video, go to the home site, called ONE BITE.Tell me what you think if you have time. Thanx.

Hey was up Craig_O? Just want to stop by and show some love, madeloud is one of the BEST websites for underground music/artist/rappers.. Hope everything is well, and hope to hear from YA! :-D Much love and support 1

Edgar- O

Hi Craig, thanks for the invite on Twitter. Very nice site!
Feel free to stop by anytime, we ARE in your neighborhood.
(I like the way the photo on your page was modified)!
Rand & ROR

Sorry I had to deal with some things for awhile. But I have free music up on my page finally lol so feel free to take a listen.

whats good?..its da block boy Burban Streets...
check da joints on my page n let me kno what it is...
MO'FIRE!!!! 2 COME...

Thanks! I just did some recording so I should be able to post some new stuff in the next few weeks. Check out my myspace page as well if you get a chance: picture. Hawt pic. You have your ass kicking boots on and everything. "Why so serious?"

Thanx 4 tha comment, you have some nice tunes here yaself.

I added a new song, Craig. Hope you like it.

Take care,

This is another comments test, I wonder why your comments are not running off the page?

Seriously, will there ever be an easy answer to the overplayed, yet popular question regarding these social groups?

[email protected]

Thank you for the comment. I'm working on some new music, it's just taking longer than I had hoped. :)

You sir, just pwned alliteration in the eye...that or the Dallas Zoo has a slew of strip clubs inside. Flamingo Fantasy Forest?! That COULD be a number of things.

How did you sneak a gun into the Dallas Zoo? I bet you were in the panda exhibit!

Thank you!! : )

hey craigo, while you were sleeping i pooped in your mouth and took a picture. it was awesome.

Missed you at Monolith! How was holding down the fort back in good ol' Euless?


If you're ready to jump off a bridge this holiday season, don't. Yes, it's stressful, but I think it's good to step back and appreciate the spirit of peace, fellowship, and goodwill inherent in Christmas and the holidays. I also think humor is the single best medicine for nearly anything (take that, marijuana!), and I'm happy to give you a couple things to laugh at. Hopefully. If you didn't...  Read more
Tax evasion appears to be something of a trend for musicians, considering James Brown, Lil' Kim, and Willie Nelson are just some musicians to be convicted. Now, Wesley Snipes is on the chopping block, serving 3 years for failing to file a 1040 form. His musical claim to fame? That would be Michael Jackson's "Bad," which is arguably the creepiest thing ever produced... and by Martin Scorsese, no...  Read more
Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton is the most popular (and entertaining) moonshiner to make it to the 21st century, and Hank Williams Jr. is going to replicate his moonshine recipe (kinda) in his new line of whiskey, known as White Whiskey. No, it's not a white supremacist thing; moonshine is actually clear. Well, whiskey (and scotch whisky) is clear until you add caramel coloring, and moonshine is...  Read more
Between this week and last week, I've probably been more positive about music than I have been in perhaps the past 2 years of blogging. It's kind of fun to break out of my usual mode of sarcasm and satire to actually promote something I like, and that you might not have been aware of. Justin King is an absolutely amazing musician. His technique is pretty damn unique; he is a "tapper," which...  Read more
My favorite thing about electronica is that is it the MacGyver of music. Literally any sound can be copied, distorted, spindled, and mutilated to serve the purpose of creating music. The possibilities are, as far as I can tell, limitless; anything can be turned into anything else, constrained only by software, at the artist's direction. So, I have a tremendous level of respect for electronica...  Read more
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