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Austin , TX

Dhruva Ailman and Marco Oppedisano Make Instrumental, Experimental Sounds

Dhruva Ailman and Marco Oppedisano are from opposite ends of the country - Aliman calls California home, and Oppedisano lives in New York - but they both make intriguing instrumental music, and hey, they're both MadeLoud artists. Small world, right?

Aliman is a composer who delves into electronica and dance as frequently as ambient music. His music has appeared in diverse places, from "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" to a skiing documentary In Deep, and he's even worked with "Nokia phone demos." Songs from his new record The Wolf And The River can be heard on our site, and a video for the track "Man And Beast" is below.

And now for Marco Oppedisano. The composer and guitarist says in his bio that more recently his music has "also consist[ed] of 'live' electric guitar in combination with a fixed playback of various electronic, acoustic (specifically female voice courtesy of his wife, Kimberly Fiedelman) and sampled sounds." The music you'll find here wield expert guitar playing with otherworldly backgrounds, and his 2010 release Mechanical Uprising can be heard here.

Oppedisano's list of appearances and credits is also lengthy, but most recently, "[f]rom 2003-2009, Oppedisano held various concerts featuring his electroacoustic works for electric guitar and works for live electric guitar and CD playback. Oppedisano was also profiled in a book of guitarists: State of the Axe: Guitar Masters in Photographs and Words by renowned photographer, Ralph Gibson."

Below is a live video for a 2007 performance of the song "Skimming The Surface."



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Anyone here listen to Benny Marchant? He's similar to Marco Oppendisano I think. Check out this from his website :

He’s got a soulful, authentic voice and I love his singing style. Benny Marchant’s a heartfelt sort of musician with a rock-solid musical sensibility and a real singer-songwriter vibe. His single “California” is available on his website as a free download with sign-up; totally worth the ten seconds. Can’t wait for “Cold Weather”? Get a taste now, at

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