Combing classic rock styles with a country, deep south sensibility, groups like The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd pioneered Southern Rock in the 1970s. Southern Rock more notable traits include long guitar solos (often including two or more members soloing simultaneously), a preoccupation with the south (as on the Skynyrd song Sweet Home Alabama), and few traces of art or psychedelic rock. Browse through top-rated Southern Rock bands and artists.

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Kay Lane
Pick that Cotton NIgga
Artist: Kay Lane
5 673


liked the song and going to listen to more of them

If you listen to the Hollywood productions, you will remain ignorant like poor Kay and there were very few slave owners who abused but most owners treated slaves as part of their family.

Ain't heard it.


Aaron Kozak
Artist: Aaron Kozak
7 2,888


will let you know

really really nice, loved the sound of it

Perfect song for someone I know.

Thanks for listening. I hope you'll come back and hear the new album when it's up!

Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!

i love it

Aaron Kozak
Ultra Lean Hot Prophets
Artist: Aaron Kozak
6 1,456


love it


ilike tohear your song

I'll take it

Upload to youtubeeee

Solar Deity
Another Life (feat. A ...
Artist: Solar Deity
0 335
Solar Deity
Seen My Death
Artist: Solar Deity
0 25
long gone
Artist: johnnie
0 34
Solar Deity
Taken Away
Artist: Solar Deity
0 18
Solar Deity
Bury My Bones
Artist: Solar Deity
0 20
Solar Deity
Planet Dive
Artist: Solar Deity
0 16
Solar Deity
Empty Pockets
Artist: Solar Deity
0 19
Solar Deity
A Minute Too Late
Artist: Solar Deity
0 26
Back In Blue
Artist: Kai-Lash
3 735

Grett song, keep rocking!!



Leeski Seattle
Bottles On Me
Artist: Leeski Seattle
1 482

this is noooooo

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Room 101
Artist: Thru Colorado
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