Indie rock could be seen as an offshoot of the alternative genre, though it originally referred to rock artists on indie labels, as opposed to majors. The term "Indie Rock" now refers more to a sound - often consisting of un-bombastic production, an acceptance of quirky vocal stylings and lyrics, and an attitude akin to punk and D.I.Y. music creation. To find some great Free Indie Rock Music Downloads, simply begin browsing below. You can download free indie music & mp3s, create your own playlist & follow your favorite bands. Sign-up is FREE!

Free Indie Rock Music Downloads

Song Title Comments Plays Downloads Download
Artist: Rusok
0 7 Free
Midnight Snack
Bring Me High
Artist: Midnight Snack
2 602 58 Free



Ornaith O'Dowd
The Eglinton Hotel
Artist: Ornaith O'Dowd
0 6 Free
The Black Moods
Judge Me
Artist: The Black Moods
0 21 4 Free
Summer So Far Away
Artist: Califune
0 8 Free
Move Your Head
Artist: morning...
0 431 36 Free
Tommy Ross
The Blue Door (Part One)
Artist: Tommy Ross
3 109 12 Free

Keep'em coming!

owwww some

funny enough I just posted this yesterday on my blog with both parts 1 and 2 in one piece now, check it out.... many thanks for your comments!

my collection of stones
Artist: mysilenttragedy
1 488 14 Free

Nice - electro-pop

Artist: CrimsonFaced
4 2,904 136 Free


i think that it is so awesome for gaming.

Thanks so much!

Mike E.T.

wow thank you so much I consider that quite a compliment!!!

chris savage
Artist: chris savage
1 1,632 58 Free

chris, like your style, sits well with me, if i may.... play with breaking into double time, play??? up to you.

Stars Without Makeup
Artist: Pascale
0 210 20 Free
Tommy Ross
Fantasy World
Artist: Tommy Ross
0 70 9 Free
Ghosts Of The Kodiak
Six Steps
Artist: Ghosts Of The ...
0 1,431 40 Free
shadow monster
Artist: shadow monster
1 476 59 Free

like it

Your Veil On Me
Artist: Fjord
0 566 14 Free
The Black Moods
Hey You
Artist: The Black Moods
1 36 4 Free


Zoe Vette & the Revolvers
Needle in the Camel's Eye
Artist: Zoe Vette & ...
0 10 13 Free
Junkie Town
Artist: mossback
1 942 51 Free


Tommy Ross
Passed Me By
Artist: Tommy Ross
1 168 11 Free

talk about smooth man,yah!! baby smooth!

Artifact Lounge
the virus
Artist: Artifact Lounge
0 96 Free
Tommy Ross
Day By Day (The Cryst ...
Artist: Tommy Ross
1 709 54 Free

nice and fun

Simian Crease
Gateways To The Core! ...
Artist: Simian Crease
0 7 Free
Volum Ovo
The Prize Inside
Artist: Volum Ovo
0 161 9 Free
Color Me Impressed
Artist: Ton-Taun
0 4 Free
A Little Affair
Artist: A Little Affair
0 126 10 Free
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Creep ft. Sanna Hartfield
Artist: BigB
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