Indie rock could be seen as an offshoot of the alternative genre, though it originally referred to rock artists on indie labels, as opposed to majors. The term "Indie Rock" now refers more to a sound - often consisting of un-bombastic production, an acceptance of quirky vocal stylings and lyrics, and an attitude akin to punk and D.I.Y. music creation. To find some great Free Indie Rock Music Downloads, simply begin browsing below. You can download free indie music & mp3s, create your own playlist & follow your favorite bands. Sign-up is FREE!

Free Indie Rock Music Downloads

Song Title Comments Plays Downloads Download
Volum Ovo
I'm Covered
Artist: Volum Ovo
0 99 Free
James Rutherford
Moment Of Wonder
Artist: James Rutherford
0 565 39 Free
The Chris Romano Frequency
He Thinks It Sounds L ...
Artist: The Chris Roma ...
0 18 4 Free
Carolina Jazmine
Mother's Love
Artist: Carolina Jazmine
9 3,079 271 Free



great love it



can't express in words

First song with a trumpet that I actually love!

very gooood... awesome

Very nice sound

Bipolar Stoics
Artist: Bipolar Stoics
0 861 10 Free
Songs Of Dave
One And Different
Artist: Songs Of Dave
1 1,151 7 Free


Tommy Ross
Artist: Tommy Ross
0 1,023 59 Free
Simian Crease
Dragonfly, Dragonfly
Artist: Simian Crease
0 12 5 Free
The Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins ...
Artist: The Seven Dead ...
0 121 4 Free
Tommy Ross
Ode To Elfman
Artist: Tommy Ross
0 83 2 Free
Ornaith O'Dowd
Off the Grid
Artist: Ornaith O'Dowd
0 8 Free
Ivory Drive
Artist: Ivory Drive
0 230 10 Free
Static Cycle
Don't Bother
Artist: Static Cycle
2 78 5 Free

has a great beat i enjoyed it


Julian Phillips as TWOFISH
Artist: Julian Phillip ...
0 154 12 Free
Twelve Steps
Artist: JonathanBurks
1 1,111 75 Free

loved it!

Simian Crease
Großmutter K
Artist: Simian Crease
0 5 Free
Tommy Ross
Out Of A Job (Onto Th ...
Artist: Tommy Ross
0 202 Free
Silent Kids
Sgt. Dexter Pt. II
Artist: Silent Kids
1 518 32 Free

diggin the drum line in this song.

two minus one
Artist: MapleSt
0 186 6 Free
Liam Brooks
Sinking Factories
Artist: Liam Brooks
1 411 36 Free


Descojon Urbano- Nev ...
Artist: PateticoRecordings
0 315 19 Free
A Little Affair
Artist: A Little Affair
1 128 14 Free


United Shapes
Perpetual Headache
Artist: United Shapes
0 47 2 Free
3. An Unmovable Object
Artist: williamFULD
0 469 13 Free
Alex the Potato
dream walking
Artist: Alex the Potato
0 1,046 120 Free
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Creep ft. Sanna Hartfield
Artist: BigB
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