Indie rock could be seen as an offshoot of the alternative genre, though it originally referred to rock artists on indie labels, as opposed to majors. The term "Indie Rock" now refers more to a sound - often consisting of un-bombastic production, an acceptance of quirky vocal stylings and lyrics, and an attitude akin to punk and D.I.Y. music creation. To find some great Free Indie Rock Music Downloads, simply begin browsing below. You can download free indie music & mp3s, create your own playlist & follow your favorite bands. Sign-up is FREE!

Free Indie Rock Music Downloads

Song Title Comments Plays Downloads Download
Carry The Tradition
Spit It Out
Artist: Carry The Trad ...
0 30 4 Free
Tommy Ross
Al Fountain's Getting ...
Artist: Tommy Ross
0 511 24 Free
Simian Crease
Moving Big, Black Box ...
Artist: Simian Crease
0 5 Free
Simian Crease
I Caught Chelsea Red- ...
Artist: Simian Crease
2 48 3 Free

ok ok this is awsome

i like it

Daniel Helms
When I Met You
Artist: Daniel Helms
0 134 14 Free
Michael NiiON
Artist: Michael NiiON
4 2,923 1,372 Free



Thanks appreciate it.

awesome stuff here bud.

Coldwater Army
John Sp--N
Artist: Coldwater Army
0 3 Free
Simian Crease
Gateways To The Core! ...
Artist: Simian Crease
0 8 3 Free
Tommy Ross
Feeling That Way Again
Artist: Tommy Ross
0 96 2 Free
Two Green Cats
My Dues
Artist: Two Green Cats
4 2 1 Free

I like it. It is used for my lessons

I like it. It is used for my lessons

Definitely dug the vocals in the beginning, really gnarly instrumentation.

Thanks man!!!

stupid drama
Cecily's Bad Trip
Artist: stupid drama
0 982 40 Free
Nightlife on Ice
Artist: Ton-Taun
0 7 2 Free
Puppet Lane
Silence (The Nightchi ...
Artist: Puppet Lane
0 42 87 Free
Sister Luke
Artist: Sister Luke
0 271 16 Free
True Apothecary
high noon
Artist: True Apothecary
1 464 36 Free


Coldwater Army
Mr. Thicky
Artist: Coldwater Army
0 3 Free
Louis Lingg and the Bombs
degage gendarme
Artist: Louis Lingg an ...
0 288 32 Free
The Quest
Words Don't Seem To M ...
Artist: The Quest
0 475 28 Free
Simian Crease
Stapedius (Abridged)/ ...
Artist: Simian Crease
0 13 2 Free
The Sideburns Party
Ordinary Monsters
Artist: The Sideburns ...
0 307 24 Free
Tommy Ross
Where's My Bailout?
Artist: Tommy Ross
2 680 22 Free

nice and easy

Nice music... different and pretty original, not bad man it's cool!!

Simian Crease
Honey/A Swarm Of Bees
Artist: Simian Crease
0 7 Free
Long Distance Runners
Up The River
Artist: Long Distance ...
8 456 48 Free

dope as hell man keep it up



great beat

outstanding piece of music and production!

I love the song. It has great rhythmn.

Love it So Much!!


Give Up
Artist: johnwayneisdead
0 29 2 Free
Simian Crease
Bird In A Blanket (I. ...
Artist: Simian Crease
0 15 1 Free
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Creep ft. Sanna Hartfield
Artist: BigB
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