Indie rock could be seen as an offshoot of the alternative genre, though it originally referred to rock artists on indie labels, as opposed to majors. The term "Indie Rock" now refers more to a sound - often consisting of un-bombastic production, an acceptance of quirky vocal stylings and lyrics, and an attitude akin to punk and D.I.Y. music creation. To find some great Free Indie Rock Music Downloads, simply begin browsing below. You can download free indie music & mp3s, create your own playlist & follow your favorite bands. Sign-up is FREE!

Free Indie Rock Music Downloads

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Songs Of Dave
One And Different
Artist: Songs Of Dave
1 1,151 7 Free


Simian Crease
Mood & Thoughts ( ...
Artist: Simian Crease
0 29 Free
Guy Like Me
Artist: Monkeybread
2 461 49 Free

Sounds amazing and you should keep it up!


Here Lies Yonder
Dark Days
Artist: Here Lies Yonder
53 10,874 3,485 Free



thank you hunns check out our new single Drown Out The Noise.

I thought when New Orleans first started that it's reminiscent to the Monkees but it's different also. Cute!


Nice and chill. Good for a summer afternoon, smoking something.


brought a tier to my eye

good song. thanks!


I really like it. It's different and risky. I like the fact that the artist is not afraid to have his own sound and not conform to the mainstream crap out there.

Thank you my brotha,now we just need a million more people like you that are done with the old make-up of music .....bring back diversity not copy...copy..copy..
Thanks again my friend....lookout for allot more coming,,I just got back from our studio
Recording the next song on our list ...its called new Orleans,,its about our
Experience of the town,it could be the cities theme love brotha

It's very perky and gets you moving, but also has that overlay of emotion and meaning. Love it!

Thank you Hilanne0088
Can't wait for you to hear the next one we have coming out called New Orleans
Mmmmmm its going to be sweet...much love..

Great Production!!!

Thank you Spikes....we are going at it like mad,production wise and all,thanks for the feedback its much needed and appreciated..

hoooo I like this one

LOVE IT. Folky sound but better.


Absolutely awesome!


Very nice upbeat sound despite the lyrics, makes a nice contrast.

Lol yeah,,if you look real hard ,in some songs there is a Wierd sarcasm ,its a Wierd spin on what you are taught and what the truth really is.truth is.....words just come into my head and I spout them out,that's all there is to it .
If you listen to the live version you will hear the method
Its all improv and concept.....I'm letting the words out and
The melody all as they come .....that's expression I guess.

I dig it! Mind if I play it on my radio show?

It's awesome

Thanks Aurora ,glad you like

I fucking love this song, you guys really rock

i dig the vibe

Hey thanks. My brotha

so fucking sick!!!!!!!!!

Thank you much ,its the first of 16 songs coming

Haven't heard it yet.

nice song

great sound.

Thank you very much my friend..glad you like...more coming...


very good


Hu. ?

Awesome! You boys are wicked talented!

I am related to these dudes!!! The crazy aunt. I am amazed, and proud!!!

Ha,,I love you Wendy....



Thank you brotha


Thank you

Thank you my friend

Like it. Original, I like to acoustic sound. Would be interesting to hear this on an electric.


Not at all my friend,as long as you send us a link to the video afterwards and we can use it if we like...its a win win I think. Glad you like.

hey do you mind if I use this song in a future independant video project?

Of course you can,,let me get you a better mixed down version up on here before you use the current would also be cool if we got a link to you're video somehow when its done..but yeah brotha,,go right ahead...much love...jay.

Artist: rocknrollanrchy
1 2,224 38 Free


Clean And Cut: Lille ...
Artist: SoBad
0 195 3 Free
Simian Crease
Artist: Simian Crease
0 8 Free
Bipolar Stoics
Gold Moralz VS Eye Stare
Artist: Bipolar Stoics
0 672 8 Free
Stunning Cats - Catch ...
Artist: Peter
0 84 17 Free
Evolution Rock Metal Podcast
Promo - Assorted Coll ...
Artist: Evolution Rock ...
2 259 32 Free


i really like heavy metal

2 - Cydonia
Artist: Monesque
0 50 Free
The Sideburns Party
Artist: The Sideburns ...
0 Free
The Bank
A simple life
Artist: The Bank
0 460 75 Free
Evolution Rock Metal Podcast
Sample - Artist Interview
Artist: Evolution Rock ...
0 265 14 Free
Artist: CrimsonFaced
0 1,186 120 Free
Quarter of a Quarter
My Black Friend Dave
Artist: Quarter of a Q ...
0 129 5 Free
Alex the Potato
Artist: Alex the Potato
1 1,098 66 Free

Good song

Bipolar Stoics
Mad Whirld cover
Artist: Bipolar Stoics
2 1,388 121 Free



Jake Leg
Artist: Jake Leg
0 4 Free
Nick Daniel
Artist: Nick Daniel
1 185 27 Free


The Parlor Generals
Artist: The Parlor Gen ...
1 203 30 Free

Loved it. It was an interesting mix of instruments but the vocals tied it together. Keep it up.

American Wolf
Respect Your Idols
Artist: American Wolf
1 1,037 20 Free

best song

Simian Crease
Strange Things Happen
Artist: Simian Crease
0 9 3 Free
butch nasif
Artist: butch nasif
1 16 Free


Tommy Ross
Day By Day (The Cryst ...
Artist: Tommy Ross
1 709 54 Free

nice and fun

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Creep ft. Sanna Hartfield
Artist: BigB
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