After country-rock made its debut with records by The Byrds and later Gram Parsons, the late eighties and nineties saw alternative rock artists combining country with the forms prevalent in independent rock and punk. Out of this scene came groups like Uncle Tupelo and Whiskeytown, who brought an appreciation for the combination of styles to a new group of listeners. Browse through top-rated Alt-Country bands and artists.

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Jeffrey Philip Nelson
Angels We Have Heard ...
Artist: Jeffrey Philip ...
3 1,563

love it so much man great job !!!!!!!!!!

I never listen such a song like that.


Martin van de Vrugt
Ready to be Moved
Artist: Martin van de ...
1 85

More great sounds.

Martin van de Vrugt
Friends like You
Artist: Martin van de ...
8 118

The hits keep rolling on!!!

nice ..


I like it!

this sounds excellent. Great harmonies. Like the sound and voice.


Really really nice song. Thanks.

Great sound. Thank you. :)

Fromm's All-Star Music
way 2 hot 2 handle bi ...
Artist: Fromm's All-St ...
2 22

hi there!! love this song so much, it make my day!

hi glad you like the song...thanks God Bless!

Dick and the UJS
Kingston Sands
Artist: Dick and the UJS
3 118

love it keep up the good work

Awesome! great song , more....more....more....more


Jeffrey Philip Nelson
Joy To The World
Artist: Jeffrey Philip ...
9 1,773


thank you

An inspirational song to me
Ok thank you

Love it!

Very nice


love it ''


An awesome track....

Jeromy Darling
I Had My Reasons
Artist: Jeromy Darling
21 823

Great harmony, great sound great musician

it's amazing and makes me feel very very very good when i'm upset


I am sorry to say that sorry I really love that song

thanks i love it why are you making me to write so much you know I am writing rubbish



Thanks for all the kinds words folks. I'm very fond of this song myself and I'm always blessed when others find joy in it

really good!

Loved it!

nice song


I just loved the rythm !

love this!

very nice music!:D

very good

I like it. My son gone walkabout so I relate to this good song


I rated your track down yesterday and just want to apologise for doing so, I had absolutely no reason to, and no right to. I want you to know I have changed it back to a 5. I was so angry with being rated down myself that I retaliated across other people's tracks! :( I am so sorry once again.

Thanks so much. Very humbled.

lovvvvvvvvvvvve it

Martin van de Vrugt
The sun always Travels
Artist: Martin van de ...
3 100

Good stuff. Puts me in mind of Gordon LIghtfoot.

really nive song

Thank you Bob!

The Imaginary Suitcase
Artist: The Imaginary ...
2 104

very soothing

i like folk song. .the lyricsof the song

Dick and the UJS
Grants Pass
Artist: Dick and the UJS
2 117

great upbeat music


Dick and the UJS
Politician's Folly
Artist: Dick and the UJS
0 101
Martin van de Vrugt
Crack in my Heart
Artist: Martin van de ...
1 92

Great song Martin!!

Dick and the UJS
The Mourne Mountains
Artist: Dick and the UJS
4 125

thumps up i agree

thumps up i agree

Thumbs UP!


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