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Bronx NY
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From the Moon 5:32 Kid Friendly Add to Playlist $20.00
Crist Cross 0:58 Kid Friendly Add to Playlist $20.00
Keep goin on 2:33 Kid Friendly Add to Playlist $20.00
Lovely 5:16 Kid Friendly Add to Playlist $20.00
The Battle's over 2:19 Kid Friendly Add to Playlist $20.00


I'm a young upcoming music producer and musician. I started making playing the drums about 4 or 5 years ago. Around the same time, I was introduced to music producing. I recently startd playing the piano and I'm told that I have accelerated beyond many others who started when I did.

I'm an unsigned producer and I'm looking for a label, but I make my music for God now ;-D. I am a christian man trying to change the music industry.

Contact me if you want to interested in anything

Earth ,Wind and Fire
Bob Marley and The Wailers
Swiss Beats
Ryan Leslie
Tony Royster Jr.

Dec 31, 2003


By Trisha Blue Water on 01/09/09 at 10:18pm
Thanks for the friendship. I enjoyed the listen to your music. Wish you the best in your career. I pray God opens many doors for your career to prosper abundantly. Good luck. Keep in touch...
By Moose on 01/06/09 at 6:08pm
Ha ha, um... Are you seriously selling each of your tracks for twenty dollars? I'd really have to LOVE the track to spend that kind of cash.

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