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What made you want to start making music?

I think Ravel's Bolero is what got me into loving music. The chance to be a little less of an introvert is what got me into making music. It gave me an outlet in high school that wasn't sports (which I was never very good at) or a school-sponsored extracurricular of some sort.

I've continued making music because it is very gratifying to create something that can then be shared with the public. It also allows me to create other works associated with the music - like album art and posters. Music is everything I do. It's the reason I live and breathe. And also the reason I have ever had a relationship. Which then provides me with a wealth of material to write about. So, you know, win-win!

I've been surrounded by music and the arts my whole life, so I think I made that particular decision so early that the initial reason is impossible to remember. Because of that, making music has always been more of a natural instinct and less of a deliberate choice.

Tell us what your music is about? How has your subject matter evolved?

I write about many different things. Each song is rarely about one unified idea and, rather, conflates many different ideas into one easily digestible format. Even "Sweetest Girl" isn't about just a girl. Ha.

I do sort through relationships - and the women I've written about are aware of the roles they have played, I believe they are anyway. If not, as a general statement, they can feel free to insert themselves into any of the various songs to see if they fit.

That is, I tend to write about what I know - myself, though I also write about not knowing myself - and some of my experiences tend to do with my past relationships. But that is hardly the main source for subject material.

I write about finding self. I write about sexuality. I write about religion, faith, time, energy, drive and a handful of other un-quantifiables. My lyrics are rarely simple or easily navigable. There are many thoughts I try to search through to find the one that, to me, speaks most broadly in relation to the music that supports it.

And I am a creature of terrible habit, so most of my lyrics sort through those same ideas. That being said, my lyrics are trending to a more content outlook, as I grow more content with myself. Thus, though I'm not certain what I will be writing about in 50 years time, I feel assured I will have more resolutions and fewer concerns.

I'm not the lyricist, so I can only speak from a musical perspective. For me, performing our music correctly is like an exorcism. It requires an incredible amount of conviction and is akin to having various memories, feelings, thoughts, and demons expelled from your body.

What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with? And why?

Honestly, I haven't thought much about which artists I might like to collaborate. Mostly because I tend to be pragmatic in my thinking - I think much of that is reflected in our work. Plus, I am currently collaborating with two extraordinary musicians: Dan Battenhouse and Alex Simpson. And previously, I have worked with Mickey Dollar and Mark Towne. Most recently I was very lucky to work with Tavis Alley as well.

So, collaborations come and go and though I am not seeking any out, or imagining what it might be like, I am not closed off to them and would always like to work with any extraordinary local talent.

Dave Grohl needs to come produce one of our records. Like ASAP.

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist/band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

Getting heard and staying positive. We have been very good at overcoming the former through steady and deliberate online work -- thank you, MadeLoud! - and careful songcraft and promotion. Though, I suppose, to say we have "overcome" it is going a bit far. We are merely fighting the good fight at this time. Getting heard will always be a challenge for the foreseeable future and with the wealth of extraordinary bands around, the increasing availability of quality recording software and hardware at an affordable price and the never compromising human spirit it is safe to assume that there will always be a battle for a listener's MP3 player.

But anything worth doing well is worth fighting for.

We have certainly overcome the latter though. We communicate very well as a team. We know each other's highs and lows and we have learned to let each of us ebb and flow. That is, internal battles are rare and the ones we do have are always resolved. Much like any relationship, we won't agree on everything, but in order to maintain the relationship's health we are also able to compromise.

We are a work in progress.

It's always challenging working with the amount of time we have outside our day jobs. It just never seems like enough. We frequently overcome our time restraints by focusing on one project at a time, and burning the candle at both ends when we need to!

What do you hope to accomplish with your music? How do you envision that happening?

I hope I can write good music that people will enjoy. If I'm lucky, maybe several people. I think that will happen through the usual method of hard work and devotion.

So far, so good.

P.S. -- if you have read this far and you might like some stickers of ours to put on your walls, or car, or face, please shoot your physical address to [email protected]

And thanks for taking the time to find out a bit more about us!

I personally think that Vices I Admire is a band that needs to be heard. The music and the passion are 100% undeniable, even if it's not someone's cup of tea. I believe our potential is huge, and I just want us to reach that potential. I think that if we keep plugging away relentlessly, keep putting the signal out there, stay inspired, and stay hungry, I know we're going to find success on some level.

Band Members: 
Member Name Instruments
1 Dave CurtisVocals, guitar, piano, samples
2 Dan BattenhouseBass, vocals, piano, samples
3 Alex SimpsonDrums, vocals, auxiliary percussion
Music Label: None
Musical Influences: 

Nirvana, Modest Mouse, Say Anything, Muse, Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, Rush, Incubus, Deftones, Soundgarden, Band of Skulls, Black Keys, Rush, Steven Wilson, Foo Fighters, Russian Circles, Steely Dan, and many many more....

Started Playing: January, 2002



The Politics of Apathy (partial album)

Lyrics by Dave Curtis
Music by Vices I Admire

Recorded at Colorado Sound Studios
Mixed by JP Manza
Mastered by Phil Kluhm
Produced by Ian Pinder

Track TitleLengthContentFavoritesDownload
Kiss Kiss 3:50CleanAdd to Playlist
...go the spoils 3:05CleanAdd to Playlist
Fables (partial album)

Music by Vices I Admire
Lyrics by Dave Curtis

Recorded at Vice Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Battenhouse
Produced by Vices I Admire

Artwork by Dave Curtis

Track TitleLengthContentFavoritesDownload
Last Chance 3:31CleanAdd to Playlist
Beautiful Fire 3:40CleanAdd to Playlist
Only Me 6:04CleanAdd to Playlist
Wicked Sun 3:50CleanAdd to Playlist
Orion 4:32CleanAdd to Playlist
Plan B. (partial album)

Music by Vices I Admire
Lyrics by Dave Curtis

Recorded at The Blasting Room

Track TitleLengthContentFavoritesDownload
Skin 5:48ExplicitAdd to Playlist
Poor Boy 3:28ExplicitAdd to Playlist
Venom & Pride (partial album)

Music by Vices I Admire
Lyrics by Dave Curtis

Recorded at Colorado Sound Studios
Mixed and Mastered by JP Manza

Produced by Vices I Admire
[email protected]

Booking: Contact Dave at [email protected]

Track TitleLengthContentFavoritesDownload
Hero 3:31CleanAdd to Playlist


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Thanks a ton for listening in!!! And thank you very much for the compliment!!! -- Dave


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You guys are amazing! I'm finding songs for my CAW show, CCW on youtube. And I've downloaded quite a bit of your songs. Keep it up! I'm an aspiring author and I know what' it's like to try and work your way up the ranks, it sucks. Hang in there buddy! :D

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Awesomeness... your songs are amazing!!!

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You guys are from Denver thats awesome i live there too! not lets get to bidness love the song I swear I have heard you guys befor but unsure at any rate keep fucking rocking

this music is awesome !!

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Great intro, and enjoy where the song goes

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Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm really glad and flattered that you like 'er! :) - Dave

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Thank you sooo much! And thanks for tuning in! -- Dave

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Very kind of you to write us a couple of compliments! :) Thanks for tuning in! -- Dave


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interesting song I like it

<3 <3




Great beat


The Sound of the instruments is outstanding!


awesomely rocking.. something that would turn someone sad into a real awesome dude

pretty good


I thought it kicked ass, good all around sound, solid drums and vocals.

its really good!

Love it!

All round great rock sound and vocals

Awright! Thank you so much for the compliment!!!! Glad you like 'er! :) -- Dave

Thanks so much for the compliment! We're really glad you dig 'er! :) -- Dave

P.S. If you would like some stickers, just shoot an email to [email protected] with your physical address!

Thanks for listening in!! :) - Dave

Thanks for noticing! And thank you doubly for giving us a listen! :) --Dave

Agreed. One hundred percent! --Ddave

right back atya, Sigrid!! You are, quite easily, the coolest ever. I conducted a poll and, though the sample size only included myself, you were still at the top of the list!!! Thanks for taking the time to give a large number of our tracks a listen! It really means a whole heckuva lot to us!!! - Dave

And thank you again! Thanks for tuning in! :) -- Dave

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Thanks so much for the compliment, sir! We really appreciate you taking the time go give 'er a good, solid listen! It means a lot to us! -- Dave

Thankya, we really appreciate you taking the time to listen in! :) - Dave

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its a great song


Awesome sound

good song catchy tune i could listen to it all day



i will hear you every time and teach me how to play guiitar love the guitar playing

Awesome Song I hope i see more like this in the future


Such a good song!



I really enjoy the fact the vocals can have such a great sound on the different levels of pitch!

thats the best song in years

I thought it was pretty good, although there were just a few parts that could use some work.


god its goood

its good

Thankya!!! We think so too!! :) --Dave

Thanks so much! We're stoked you're listening in! :) -- Dave

And you absolutely should! haha! I really appreciate the compliment! Thanks for tuning in! -- Dave

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We like to think so! Thankya much for the compliment!! :) --- Dave

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We got more dropping this year! --Dave

Totally! --Dave

Thank you very much, sir! Your words are very kind and much appreciated! -- Dave

Thanks for giving it a solid listen, sir. If you don't mind, what parts do you think could use some work? I love constructive criticism and sometimes that is really hard to find. Thank you very much for your time! -- Dave

......... ........... _______ ___ _____

Thanks so much for the compliment! - Dave

haha! Awesome! Thanks so much for the compliment! :) -- Dave

Thanks so much!! :D -- Dave



Your music is always awesome!!

i like it to





this is bomb :)

wow nice song and lyrcis and guitar can you teach me guitar



its nice

Completely agree, sir. This song very much represents a fight for freedom! Or flight for freedom, perhaps! Or five funny felines?... haha!

really good


its really grate music and i love this song. i want to down load this.



I love the song

Thanks so much!! -- Dave

Hell yeah! Thanks so much for the compliment!!! --Dave

Us toooooo!! ooooooo...oooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!?!!! -- Dave

Thanks for the compliment!!! And thank you very very much for tuning in!!! --- Dave

y not?

Hot damn!!! We say, "Hot damn!" to you!!! And much love! And one thousand or more blessings!!! -- Dave

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really glad you like it! Thanks for the compliment! -- Dave

Just one? Come on now, I would've expected at least 3 or 4, haha! Thanks for lending us an ear! -- Dave

Yes, yes I can. And I will! Somehow... video lessons? haha! This song is ridiculously simple, I could definitely show you how to play it! :) -- Dave

Thank you sooooo much!!! -- Dave

Thanks so much!!! - Dave

Thanks Xenas! We really appreciate the compliment! -Dave

Thanks so much for the compliment!!


please do! you can download 'er right on this site, if you'd like, or you can always use BandCamp! :)

Thank you!


Yesssss!!! Glad to read it! Thanks for listening in and thank you very much for the compliment! -- Dave

Jammin. Love it!



I like this song if you ever need help giving a song a name shot me a e mail [email protected]

very good surprise for me Man, thanks

Thank you!


it is cool

great song, great lyrics, great dark but not gothic music

I'm looking for songs to use for my CAW's for my show CCW on youtube. I am an aspiring author who is trying to get his first novel published and I know what it's like to try and get noticed, it sucks. Keep up the good work man, I'm super glad to have found these songs! :D


very good

Liken this one!


You guys are so awesome!!!!! One of my top FAvs!

panic at disco?

no comment!!

nice song

i love your songs alot


I Admire yall

special and nice

cool hear it

i really enjoy the instrumentals and vocals in your music!

Thank you very much for the compliment! I'm really glad you like it! -- Dave

Thanks so much!!! - Dave

Thankya much, sir! We really appreciate you tuning in!!! -- Dave

Thanks so much for the compliment! And for the offer! I'll definitely letya know if we need some help naming songs! :)

Thank YOU for the compliment, hitman! We really appreciate it! And don't forget, you can download our entire new album plus artwork on BandCamp, check 'er out!

you're welcome!!! -- Dave

Thank you so much!!!! -- Dave

Thanks a ton for the compliment! And thank you for listening! -- Dave

Hell yeah! Thanks for tuning in, brudda! --Dave

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I could see a little bit of that!

Thank ya! :)

Thanks so much! Don't forget to download 'em all! If you'd like all the songs on our latest album including album art, visit us on BandCamp!

Thanks again for the compliment!


Thankya, Scott!

Thanks so much for the compliment!

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