Trisha Blue Water — Marysville, MI

Genre: Christian

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Artist Profile

Name: Trisha Blue Water
Label: Indie
Location: Marysville MI


My name is Patricia Lopez, I'm an independent recording artist, songwriter, singer, author from Detroit, Michigan, My books are called "Puzzles Of Life," Mysteries Of Life's Sufferings," and "Breed Of Poison. I have had a hard road to go becoming a writer publicly. I truly would like to say that, I love the Lord Jesus, with all my heart, and soul.I had people telling me it was to late to have a career, and ministry, but I didn't listen long, to let them keep me from accomplishing destiny. I had lots of sickness coming at me, in every direction. God had healed me, through everyone of them. I wasn't going to believe I was going to fail, or die. I spent most of my younger years raising my daughter. The most important thing to do. I love to give God the glory for all the blessings , and healing of my past, and the blessing that are coming soon. I have never given up on what God, has ahead for me to accomplish Gods, plan for my life. I know that throughout my childhood my sister, and I had written songs even at nine, and ten years of age. My sister, and I would entertain shows for family, and friends all the time. The first place I sang alone, was at church. I remember being so afraid to sing, in front of all those people watching. I was around twenty seven years of age. I was so nervous, I even hit the wrong note, but the Lord kept me singing, so that I could be able to finish the song, called he touched me. I had so many people coming up to me after church was over, telling me they were blessed, by my singing God's song. I have since sang at other churches in the metro Detroit area. I had a ministry to sing, and pray for the sick, and give a inspiring word of hope. I was by nature, a very shy person. It was hard for me, to be outgoing. I had lots of setbacks, and listened to many negative voices. I knew it was my time in life now, for me complete God's will. I was ready to prosper in his word, so in 1998, when I became a songwriter for Amerecord records in Hollywood, California, and also a songwriter in 1999 with Hilltop records, in Hollywood, California. I always had a desire to sing my own songs. In 2003 I became a member with cdbaby.com, singing my own songs in world wide distribution, and album sales. I have written hundreds of songs, that I recorded, as a independent recording artist, now up to date in 2008. I always knew I had talents, but never knew how much God, had given me, until the past ten years. I know when I was prayed for, everything started happening for me in 1998. There was even stumbling blocks in my paths, to try to stop my life, from being blessed, but I held in there to continue anyways. I now compose, write, sing, play instruments, I never had a lesson to learn to play. It is all done by ear, and feelings. I create melodies that are unique from other artist. These sounds may be strange to some people, but it is the way to reach the younger fans. I have many meanings, in what I write, and messages that relates to real life. I want people to feel what I sing, because it come from the heart of life. I know that one time, I was in church , and I spoke to a very blessed minister of God. I told him, that my music was not for God only that I sing out in the public. I thought that man was going to pass judgment on me, for singing worldly music. The man just smiled, and said to me. "How ever God, uses you Trisha to prosper you, let him use you. I knew then that God will bless people, even if it is in mysterious ways that are messages not gospel. God has ministry in other areas to help heal the pains of life. I write about life, how I vision it. How God vision's it for helping people. I know that today, many people underestimate the performances of age.They stereo type you because of age, or weight, or color. Were all Gods, children of equality. God has restored my life, as he did for Sara in the bible. I have a grandmother who had just turned 102, amen to that one,so I guess that helps me have hope for longevity in the family tree. I know that with God, in my life, nothing is impossible, and that there is no doors that can shut on his promise. I've passed up many opportunities, and time lost to raise my family, but it's never to late, because time is just a number to those who believe in miracles. I know there will be many attacks from critics, but that will, just makes me, more determined to do it better the next time around. I'm not going to stop, until God, tells me to stop. I love singing. I love writing. I love creating sounds, playing the keyboard, and I have played some guitar. I ventured in many different genres. I love poetry, and have won many awards, and many Anthologies published. I'm not going to say, that my life has been easy, and I it takes lots of hard work. We spend many long hours on the Internet promoting , creating new sites for our music, and writing books, songs, and albums to publish to each new website that sales our music downloads. These are distributions companies. world wide. You can search for Trisha Blue Water in the search engine, to see the companies were with. I would also love to tell you more about the talents, of my family growing up. My mother was a songwriter, my father was a entertainer, songwriter, singer. My uncles, my cousins made records. My sisters sing, my brother plays the guitar, and is awesome on the drums. I come from a long line of writers, and entertainers, in my genealogy. My daughter sings, and dances as well, as well as my talented grandson's. I love to travel, and sight see to many different places. I have lived in Florida, California, New York, Georgia, North Carolina, to name
a few. The furthest I've been out of the country was Mexico. I would love to travel through Europe one day soon, and other places around the world. If God's wanting me to do so. I will continue on my journey, to be blessed, and bless others, through my music, and writing. Please stay posted for all my new book releases, and albums coming out soon.

A short Bio section for my husband Cheyene to give him the recognition he deserves.

Cheyene is an awesome author, songwriter, and has won awards in poetry too, and has Anthologies published as well. He's from the beautiful mountains of Alabama. He is the author of "Hearts In Alabama, Best Loved Poems Of Alabama," and Poems Of Whispering Hopes, Of American Sunrises, And Sunsets Upon These Lands." Cheyene has done the voice impressions of the animal sounds, on my children's album called "Duckie Doo." He has played most of the songs on the album "Spin Cycle" By Trisha Blue Water. Cheyene is also a songwriter who has written beautiful songs for me to sing in some of my latest cds. God has blessed him with unique writing skills. Cheyene writes from the beauty of life, of how he see it. He is a romantic like I am. He has written many beautiful love songs for me to sing. Cheyene, and I have new books coming out soon, and you can purchase them at amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Wallmart, Waldens book stores, Books-a-million, Sears and many stores around the world. You may have to ask for print on demand, to order our books at some stores.The books are returnable, if not satisfied. We hope you stay a fan, and God bless your lives too, and I know he is no respecter of person's, and will help all, who ask him to do so, through the storms passing.

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 10/23/2003
Number of Members: 1
Gender of Members: Female

Band Members / Instruments:
Trisha Blue Water: keyboard

Musical Influences:
Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton Reba McEntyre,
The Judds, Lionel Richie, Cher, Madonna, Celione Dion, Patsy Cline, The Righteous Brothers, Earth,Wind And Fire, The Beattles, J
The Supremes, The Doors, Alanis Morisette, Tanya Tucker, Martina McBride, Keith Urban, Randy Travis, Billy Graham, The Temptatio


Venues Played:
Churches, weddings, masonic picnic,Karaoke at Grady's Lounge, Owen Jacks, Recreation and family events.

Most Frequent Venue:

Favorite Venue:

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