The Prize — Philadelphia, NJ

Genre: Alternative / Pop / Punk

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Artist Profile

Name: The Prize
Label: Unsigned
Location: Philadelphia NJ


Hey there kids!! We are The Prize, straight out of Philadelphia, New Jersey. We've been together for about half a year playing and rocking the hell out of everyone in our path. It all started when guitarist/songwriter Nick Nathan went to his good friend Rob Lyman about starting a band. Not just any band. Bands come up and die constantly. No, Nick Nathan wanted a band that could do something. A band that could send a message. A band that could make a difference. Rob got right on board and recruited his cousin, Justin Drach aka Hobbit. Justin is a student at Westminster Choir College studying voice. Perfect match, right?! Wrong! The group was still missing the thunder they were looking for. The next step was to bring in guitarist Nick Petti, and drummer Greg Foran. Petti and Greg, both coming from the band "Out With The Tide" joined the band to make The Prize into what it is today. Along our travels, we were picked up by manager Mike Schaffer. Mike was just another important piece to the puzzle that is The Prize. After completing an East Coast tour, accepting sponsorship to Deadbeatfriends! Booking, and landing a Rockstar NJ Regional Sponsorship, The Prize stands before you. Support local music!! Throw your hands in the sky!! Scream out for The Prize!!

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 09/26/2008
Number of Members: 5
Gender of Members: Male

Band Members / Instruments:
Justin Drach: vocals
Nick Petti: Guitar
Nick Nathan: Guitar
Rob Lyman: Bass
Greg Foran: Drums

Musical Influences:
Taking Back Sunday
Pierce The Veil
Four Year Strong
Mayday Parade
Go Radio


Venues Played:
Trocadero Theater - Philadelphia, PA
Crocodile Rock Cafe - Allentown, PA
Lebanon Valley College - Lebanon Valley, PA
The Sidebar - Baltimore, MD
Club Relevant - Virginia Beach, VA
The Clubhouse - Myrtle Beach, SC
MOJO 13 - Wilmington, DE
Hangar 84 - Vineland, NJ
Rockwells - Sicklerville, NJ
Brenners Brew - Bridgeton, NJ
JC Dobbs - Philadelphia, PA
The Camel - Richmond, VA
Forward Hall - Erie, PA
Savage Rock School - Blackwood, NJ
Valley Billiards - Philadelphia, PA
Brunswick Zone - Turnersville, NJ
The Ark - Princeton, NJ
Skaters Choice - Sewell, NJ
Holly City Family Center - Millville, NJ

Most Frequent Venue: The Crocodile Rock Cafe

Favorite Venue:

Average: 4.5 (2 votes)

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