the Know it Alls — Amersfoort, SC

Genre: Alternative / Indie / Rock

Artist Profile

Name: the Know it Alls
Location: Amersfoort SC


What is there to know…

This is the title of the brand new EP of the Dutch indie rock band The Know it Alls.

Just started in May 2008 and at the end of the year already two EP’s and 17 times performed. This is the solid proof of the dedication and work spirit of the three young rock ‘n roll adepts who are forming The Know it Alls.

Jorn Mathijssen (21, vocals and bass), Julia Hendriks (20, drums) and Martijn van Gijlswijk (24, guitar) found each other through internet. After several jam sessions it became very clear what The Know it Alls are all about:

Rock straight from the heart, variation without limitation and strongly against trends and overused, corny melodic riffs. In other words: Pure Indie Rock.

The three musicians combine their personal and musical backgrounds to the unique sound of The Know it Alls. Influences of punk pioneers (Ramones, The Clash), headstrong noise heroes (Pixies, Sonic Youth), British melancholy (Snow Patrol, Joy Division) and straight forward (indie) rock (Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things, The View) are giving the pure and divers sound of The Know it Alls.

The diversity in both sound and songs are making the Know it Alls’ live shows dynamic and intense experiences. It varies from sharp guitar hooks to angry drums and from acoustic intimacy to the ice-cold vocals of Jorn Mathijssen. Everything is possible and tolerated, and this will be the way The Know it Alls will march on:

What is there to know?

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 01/05/2008
Number of Members: 3
Gender of Members: Male/Female

Band Members / Instruments:
Jorn Mathijssen: Vocals & Bass
Julia Hendriks: Drums
Martijn van Gijlswijk: Guitar

Musical Influences:
The Kills
Velvet Underground
Snow Patrol
Sonic Youth
The View
Frank Zappa


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