straight white lines

Bolivar MO
Alt CountryFolkIndie Rock
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Near to Me 2:40CleanAdd to PlaylistFree
3:39CleanAdd to PlaylistFree


What We Have Missed...
What We Have Missed... (partial album)
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3:21CleanAdd to PlaylistFree
3:33CleanAdd to PlaylistFree
Papa's Not Coming Home 3:57CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Eternal Sunshine 3:05CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Second Nature
Second Nature
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Jim Jones 4:30CleanAdd to Playlist$0.00
Hands 4:37CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Orderly 2:57CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99
Outlaw 3:00CleanAdd to Playlist$0.99


Band Members: 
Member Name Instruments
1 Neal Brooksvocals, Guitar
2 Jimmy GasparHarmonica, Guitar
3 Alex MerrelPercussion
Started Playing:
December 30, 2007


Absolutely fantastic! It' a shame they broke up. Thankfully Neal and Grant went on to found jeangrey.

Great song of the week!

Sounds great. Perfect music for "kicking back with a beer and some friends". Keep it up! Really liked the Wedding Song.

Totally awesome music.

Keep it up. ;]


Nice song good guitar and nice lyrics


Hey everyone! We recently put our new ep "Second Nature" up on noise trade for a free download! Here's the link if anyone wants it!  Read more
new e.p.!
Hey friends, we just got back from the studio with our new e.p, "second nature." We are very excited about how it turned out and hope you enjoy it as well! Give it a listen and let us know what ya think!  Read more

On MadeLoud

May 4, 2011
On our Facebook page I asked what kind of mix our readers would like to hear next, and a guy named Sterling made a request for a folk/bluegrass mix. Done and done! It turns out that our bluegrass section is somewhat tiny, so it actually made perfect sense to blend it in with some of our folk favorites. In this section you'll find songs related to Amelia Earhart, parts of a concept record, and...

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