StarSaje (Anthony Gio)
Salem NH
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Tom Bombadil 6:55 Clean Add to Playlist Free
Meteor Shower 4:26 Clean Add to Playlist Free
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Anthony Gio’s progressive rock music ensemble, StarSaje, aims to continue the tradition of the progressive rock sound of great bands such as Rush, Yes, King Crimson, Marillion, IQ, Ozric Tentacles, etc. Help yourself to any of our mp3s, they are all free to download.

Rush, Yes, King Crimson, Ozric Tentacles

Apr 4, 1987


By UGUR on 11/10/10 at 12:40pm
I'm on the 5th track and going to listen to all tracks all over again. I'm fed up saying progressive concept is not about shred solos based on worn out scales. I finally listen to smt progressive...


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May 19, 2011
Experimental music - what other genre trades more in the accidental, in the unusual, in the surreal? Arguably the easiest music to create, it may also be the hardest to perfect. Experimental musicians aren't connected so much by a specific type of sound as by an approach to sound, and by an urge to sculpt, play with, and challenge the way we listen to and appreciate music. That's why for this...

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