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Before the Solstice
Atlanta GA
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Screw Records
Location Information
State / Province / Region: 
United States
Background Information
Started Playing: 
January 6, 2007
Number of Band Members: 
Band Members: 
Member Name Instruments
1 Clint BusseyGuitar and Vocals
2 J.W. PopovitsBass and Keys
3 Tony RuncoDrums
4 Matt NorrisGuitar
Gender of Members: 

Before the Solstice is the kind of band that penetrates the subconscious and challenges our listless dissonance. Their songs rouse that deep-seated facet of our being and provide an outlet for that which has perhaps been asleep or unable to associate with the outside world or hasn’t been able to find the words. Whether the music invokes inspiration, anger, connection or fear, Before the Solstice will no doubt command the attention of your most personal self.

Their style is hard to define straightforwardly, since each song carries its own essence. But, the overall feel of Before the Solstice can be summed up as melodic progressive rock with the ability to entrance, make you dance, or punch a hole in the wall! They call it Quantum Rock. The band came together in January 2007, combining the musical forces of two social burnouts. Throughout a year of touring around Georgia, they played with some of the best local talent and opened up for the indie stars, Fear Before the March of Flames at the Masquerade. They’ve also been a part of several festivals, including the annual pagan Fall Fling at Dragon Hills, GA and the Fuel the Fire Tour, which showcases some of the hottest local rock bands in Atlanta!

The first album is in the works, entitled “A New Song,” and will feature gems like No One Escapes the Sun, Worldwide Veneer, and Meaner than Satan. This year should brace itself for their vision of hope amidst the world’s ever darkening prospects. Before the Solstice carries a message with prophetic insight and imbued with meaningful possibilities.

Musical Influences: 

Alexander Scriabin
System of a Down
The Mars Volta
Pink Floyd
Spiritual Hymns
The Beatles
Alice in Chains
Rage Against the Machine
Jeff Buckley
Tori Amos
Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne
The Doors
David Bowie
A Perfect Circle

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