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Slim Hella Ballin

Slim Hella Ballin

Wattz CA

Slim Hella Ballin " Christmas"

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Favoritism is the name of game rather not speak i aint got nothing to say
you smoking weed you dropping jewls from the brain my internal rhymes with murder all yo end rhymes plus three times now press rewind

you infatuated with new new you need some new shoes or a hair due accomplishing a compliment now I'm feeling cool wasn't popping in school no line up with a year round cold make her centerfold in my mismatched clothes
unexpected but expect it neglected by that respect shit fuck your perception and it's CHRISTMAS and i ain't got shit fuck you and yo presents I'm peasant you will bow down soon mind over weapon, weapons is matter do matter matter, sub atomic particle kinda logical maximize profits doe fuck you mean knowledge adjacent to pyramids the question is should i fall into the cycle turn phyco start reading bibles

what the fuck you waaant? idk 3x




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