Genre: Alternative

Artist Profile

Location: Milan DC


2003 -2005: Mills, Leaf and Majlco are three guys from Milan, Italy.
They love music, so they decide to create a band to play together: the Six Red Carpets.
The songs are composed by Mills (all the band’s production and communication is in English) and arranged by the band.
Some of their influences are: Muse, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and many other artists from the alternative rock scene.
They change many drummers and musicians performing in many live shows in the north of Italy.
They realize the demo cd called “Upon, a Ring” composed by three tracks.
Their website (www.sixredcarpets.com), their myspace page (www.myspace.com/sixredcarpets).

2006-2009: The Six Red Carpets realize that the only chance they have in order to live with the music is to find someone that believes in them: a producer, a label.
It is not simple because in Italy the music scene is completely different from the music they love to play.
So they decide to write an album producing, recording, mixing and mastering all by themselves (...and paying for the copyright of the tracks...).
The result is “Nightmares + Lullabies”, an album released on June, the 29th 2008 and composed by 13 tracks in which they invested all the money they have… the final result is not comparable with a “big production” album as the guys did everything by themselves; however, “Nightmares + Lullabies” shows a personal sound, the essence of their music and that the band can produce great music.
Furthermore, the band decides to release “Nightmare + Lullabies” for free on their website (thousands downloads in few days) in order to obtain as much attention as possible.
You can find dozens of reviews in the Six Red Carpets website section (http://www.sixredcarpets.com/rumoursaboutus.htm)
In the meantime the band meets Fly, a great drummer; the guys play live in many acts, performing also with “Juliette and the Licks” on an Mtv live acoustic show.
In january 2009 they release their first self-produced video (“Fall Asleep”): you can see it and all the other Six Red Carpets’ videos on the band’s youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/sixredcarpets).

Now : The band is working on an intense live show (90 minutes of music) composed by the tracks from “Nightmares + Lullabies” and some new songs written after the album release. They are going to play across Europe (next gig will be Berlin at Knack klub, on March the 13th).
Six Red Carpets are ready to record a second album, as after the release of “Nightmares + Lullabies” they worked hard on new songs.

In the next future: The Six Red Carpets are still waiting for someone to change their lives (they don’t have a label, yet ). They are ready to get everywhere and to leave Italy in any moments to give themselves a chance.

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 01/01/2009
Number of Members: 4
Gender of Members: Male

Band Members / Instruments:
Mills: Vocal, Guitar
Majlco: Guitar, Synth, Backing Vocal
Leaf: Bass Guitar
Fly: Drum

Musical Influences:
Some of their influences are: Muse, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and many other artists from the alternative rock scene


Venues Played:
04 Jul 2009, 20:00 - H Zone - ALBA
Orillia Opera House- Village of the Arts
01 May 2009, 21:30 - Baba Yaga –VIGNATE
23 Apr 2009, 20:00 - Magnolia Live Club - MILAN
18 Apr 2009, 23:00 - OFFICINE SONORE –VERCELLI
13 Mar 2009, 20:45 - KNAACK CLUB -BERLIN
23 Jan 2009, 21:00 - BAR MAGENTA – MILAN
17 Oct 2008, 22:00 - CAFFE DEL CPM - MACHERIO
05 Apr 2007, 22:30 - Juliette & 1 Lick 'LIVE @HOME' QOOB + Six red Carpets

Most Frequent Venue: Knaack Club Berlin

Favorite Venue: Knaack Club Berlin

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