A Simple Future

East Lansing MI
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Member Name Instruments
1 Justin Vorisek-
2 Jon Vorisek-
Music Label: Juxtaposition Records
Started Playing: January, 2000



A Simple Future
A Simple Future
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Murmurs (New Song) 3:08CleanAdd to PlaylistFree
3:06Add to PlaylistFree
3:06CleanAdd to PlaylistFree
Summer 2:23CleanAdd to PlaylistFree
Boat 2:58Add to PlaylistFree
Dead Person 2:48CleanAdd to PlaylistFree


intermittent video is awesome

Grt stuff gys!

New track is dope

I like the melodies very much. Haunting yet soothing.

some delicious music your making.
keep it up man !

I thought it was lovely and soothing to my ears.



Great Stuff! I downloaded all, rated 5 stars, and became a fan.
I'm originally from Michigan too.
Nice work.

beautiful subtle harmonies



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Oct 14, 2011
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