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Me and You (beat and screams no clean vocals yet) 3:12Kid FriendlyAdd to PlaylistFree
3:12ExplicitAdd to PlaylistFree
1:17Kid FriendlyAdd to PlaylistFree
TTYL (beat and screams full version coming soon) 3:00Kid FriendlyAdd to PlaylistFree
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dude the eternal glass prism is fukin awesome :)

dude the eternal glass prism is fukin awesome :)

The melody can have more changes, so it would be more interesting.

dude the eternal glass prism is fukin awesome :)


okay this is advise from someone who can axtualy scream and growl. im really wounder are you inhaling? cuz it sounds lik you are and if you are exhaling the way you made it sound is horrible so please take some leasions in screaming and growl cuz you are one of the worst i have heard. now i am not leaing this comment to be a dick and tell you to stop making music but plz learn to scream better before anybuddy else listins to this music and kills you.

Very nice! Great song! Sounds kind of like something that would be in a video game.


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