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Serena Matthews

Nashville TN
Acoustic β€’ Folk β€’ Other
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1 Serena Matthewsguitar, piano, harmonica.. the occasional tambourine.
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Patty Griffin, Gillian Welch, Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Mazzy Star, Counting Crows, Indigo Girls, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson,Gregory Alan Isakov, Ian Curtis, Neil Young, Tom Waits, The Monkees, Weezer, Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd (I am from a state that borders Alabama, after all.)



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Serena Matthews added a new track:
25 weeks ago


Love this song... very moving. Will use this in a video short!

love it!

really awesome~~~

Its sounds pretty good, what a lulabye


nice voice

nice lyric

It is awesome and relaxing, awesome song! Had to download xP

Sweet & nice voice!!!

Really enjoying your music and I hope you stay earthy and raw and acoustic.

Love it!

Good music

sweet voice~~~

Cool sound, similar to Melanie from the last season of the Voice

fine song


Sweet & nice voice!!!


what a beautiful voice



srry :^

your voice is incredible, i love your sound!

your song is nice my dear-yauzo maputo

I love your voice

so chill and sweet

Love it if you make it to LA will definitely check you out.

fine song

good song~

Thank you for this song, My son always wanted a Blackbird. Now, every time I see one I wish it is him coming visit me and do wish I could fly away with him. Thank you for you.


what a beautiful voice

Like It

Authentic - love the accents that caught my ear

Thank you so much. :)


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On MadeLoud

May 10, 2012
It's a rainy, grey afternoon in Austin, and the perfect time to listen to the still, sweet folk of MadeLoud artist Serena Matthews. Her latest album is entitled 2012, and as topical as the title is, the music feels like classic acoustic balladry found in the naturalistic, pastoral songs that hooked our attention decades back. Matthews' voice is arresting - Indie Music Reviewers Magazine...

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