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Scientifics was formed in 2007 at the Artifect’s studio in Palmdale, Ca. The Artifect and Raza Edge are the main Producers of Scientifics. The Group then picked up NBG, Verbal Hazard and Kid Rancid in 2008. Scientifics has a hip-hop style of its own and leans toward originality. They feel that today’s main stream music is played out. Scientifics works hard to take it to the next level in every thing that they do, Keeping the West Cost Way alive even in 2009. “every day in life we have to work hard and struggle”- Scientifics.

Jamey Wilson aka Raza Edge (age 23)
One of the main producers of Scientifics. Born in Glendale, Ca grew up in different areas of Los angeles. Raza Edge was raise by west coast ways through hip-hop music. “if it wasn’t for hip-hop I wouldn’t know how to live” -Raza Edge

Hector Garcia aka The Artifect (age 20)
One of the main producers of the Scientifics. Born in Los Angeles, raised in Palmdale, Ca. The main influence of the Artifect’s music comes from west coast hip-hop. “just be real and the people will love you” -The Artifect

Nick Glaze aka NBG (age 21)
One of the members of Scientifics. Born in Rosemount grew up in little rock, Ca. NBG is also an upcoming skateboarder and took 3rd place in vocolms 2009 wild n the parks Santa Clarita Pro/Am division. Influences are West Coast underground “hip-hop and skateboarding are my life” -NBG

Aldo Mata aka Verbal Hazard (age20)
One of the members of Scientifics. Born and raised in Sylmar Ca, From the West coast (818), Verbal Hazard grew up in the West coast, if it wasn’t for music Verbal Hazard would probably in the streets terrorizing or dead, “The only reason I made music because it kept me occupied in life and gave me a reason to live.”- Verbal Hazard

Juan Manuel Cova Jr. Kid Rancid (age20)
One of the members of Scientifics. Born and raised in Palmdale Ca, Kid Rancid always had a passion for music ever since the sixth grade always free styling with his friends during lunch time. Was introduced to the Scientifics and the chemistry was just there. “the world stops for nobody”- Kid Rancid

Top dogg, Tupac, west coast all the way

Jan 1, 2009



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