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The housing projects, hustlers, subways. police brutality, crime. Street credibility,and drugs, Harlem. New York City. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. The MC, Sallah Dolla is living proof of having that survivor's instinct.

Sallah Dolla has been a serious rhyme sayer since 12 years old and has been a student of hip hop since he entered this world. He developed his skills through battling rappers as a teen from New York City all the way to North Carolina where he migrated in his early teens. Not to be discouraged from leaving the fast pace life to the now laid back life, he brought Hip Hop with him and carried that torch as it is still burning with him in the New Millenium.

While in Greenville, North Carolina, Sallah Dolla was working on his craft as a rapper and producer and built a local buzz proving to himself he has what it takes to change the game. With a serious attitude, crazy delivery, futuristic freestyle, and diverse flow he's a Hip Hop soldier ready for war. When people hear his rap style, the first thing they noticed is that he does not sound like some you heard before nor does he sound like any popular sucker MC of today.

Without the support of anyone, he was able to put out an album, Love Season, which shows the diverse soundscape of Sallah Dolla. After that milestone and achievement, he moved on to work for Imani Entertainment, the management home of R&B sensation Keyshia Cole where he gained valuable knowledge in understanding the financial aspects of managing an artist.

Sallah Dolla continues to build on his craft and honing his skills to show his creativity and artistic expression. He is an MC that is out to make a mark on the industry and show the world what Hip Hop is and what it really can be.

Krs-One, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane,Wu-Tang Clan,Red-Man,Method Man, Das Efx...And all the True Hip-Hop Purest!!!!!!!!!

Hydro Records
Jan 29, 2004



the Digital Movement is On!!


Sallah -Dolla ... Grind blog 2
Feb 15, 2009
Lets remember to stay consistent with all of our endeavors.. continue to make moves everyday in everyway.. Peace! Sallah-Dolla
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