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About Rybird

Rybird's Biography
Written by: Teva Teebrook

Paul Brown, better known as Rybird, is an extraordinary electronic music composer, born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has currently produced four albums:

Grind and Polish (released December 2008)
Sonic Hooky (released March 2009)
Nativicity (released September 2009)
Dragons and Dragonflies (released March 2010)

How did Paul Brown become Rybird? Well, simply put. . . the stage name came to him in a dream: He was Rybird, a blues singer in New Orleans flanked by two acoustic playin’ babes, one on each side. They toured New Orleans and played from the back of an ice cream truck! Collectively, the trio was called Rybird. That’s who he was. When he woke, the name stuck and it is who he has become, minus the two babes. . . but who knows. . . maybe the girls are out there waiting to collaborate with Rybird, making parts of his dream come true. He is not a blues singer, nor does he tour New Orleans from the back of an ice cream truck, but his techno tracks will make you hot enough to need an ice pop to cool down! His logo, a Cardinal, is an awesome bird to behold which he also enjoys watching and photographing in his spare time, and like the Cardinal, Rybird is always ready for flight.

This is how his destiny really begun thus far:

He was raised around electronics and music right from the start. Born into an environment where his father owned his own electronics motor shop, Rybird was tinkering with electrical components from a very early age. His father was also was a musician. Ry was fascinated by the music his father played on acoustic guitar and was taught to play the instrument by his father’s hand. These two facets produced a creative combination of what he knows best…electronics and music, although he wouldn’t have realized this was his true passion at first.

At age 10, he began three years of classical piano instruction, while also continuing acoustic guitar. His interest in music grew fairly eclectic along the way. Some of his early influences were Black Sabbath, the Beatles, Yes and Aerosmith, among other greats. Disco even found a soft spot in his compositions, although he’d rather keep that part a secret, the influences are somewhat evident in some of his music. He longed to own a synthesizer at a time when it was not that easy to find one or financially afford it. So at age 14, he built his own PAIA Gnome from a kit he acquired. He quickly became adept at creating cover songs with guitar, piano and synthesizer. The first time he played live was at a local church, where he performed a piece from Beethoven. Through the years, he connected musically with others from his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana and most notably formed a band called Obsession. Their first live rock performance was at his local High School talent show. Although they did not win, it served as a catapult to his popularity and he continued playing other small places around town, and joined several other garage type bands where he also learned to play the bass guitar.

He went on to study Advanced Electronics and Avionics while enlisted in the Marines, then continued with Mechanical Engineering in multiple Higher learning Institutions to include University. With the continual advances of technology, he has spent the past four years re-dedicating his creative stylings to the synthesizer once again. His home studio is top of the line. Members include: Korg, Mixcraft, Sony, Emu, Intel, Behringer, Wavestation, and Marantz/JBL/Polk surround sound, just to name a few.

He is a member of multiple online social networking and music sites where he creates and shares endless possibilities as the sky is the limit for Rybird. He has spread his wings and is taking flight. He is the hottest and newest creative electronic musician to hit the scene in quite some time. His skills are ingenious and is one to be watched and sought after for movie soundtracks, collaborative backing tracks, product distribution and much more. Yes! That is right…you can even buy Rybird memorabilia such as T-shirts, ties, coffee mugs, mouse pads, buttons, etc by going to http://www.zazzle.com/rybird.
For more information, contact Paul (Rybird) directly at: [email protected]

Black Sabbath
Aphex Twin
Pink Floyd
Emerson, Lake and Palmer

May 29, 1978


By StarSaje (Antho... on 12/12/09 at 8:15pm
Hey! I'm making a mix CD for a friend of mine for Christmas. I just added Glowsticks. Thanks for the free download!
By FrogEyes on 10/01/09 at 7:28am
Frogs don't give warts. You might want to read up on toads though :)
By FrogEyes on 09/27/09 at 4:56am
This Frog is cruising through this neighborhood looking for action. MadeFrog is a nice site and I like it here :)


semi-pro, what is that? First I borrowed it from my glog on gigootz
Jul 10, 2009
Semi-pro semi-pro, what is that? It basically means the ability to put music in a format that can be distributed. Now amateur to me is doing it for fun, not making money and professional is making money. Semi-pro is the best and worst of both worlds, working as hard as a professional, like 10-16 hours a day and not making a dime, actually spending thousands, no tens of thousands of dollars and...
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On MadeLoud

Jul 22, 2009
Under the recording name Rybird, Paul Brown uses samples, loops, and original compositions to create ambient, electronic sounds. To date, Rybird has released three albums. We talked with Brown about his beginnings and plays for the 'bird. Let’s begin with some history. Have you always worked within electronic music, or did you begin writing and performing within another genre? I played the...

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