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Ravin Naturals is two performers. They are Za Zas Menace and Pyro "the Satanic Juggalo". Both
are from the Scranton, PA area and both Rep KARKAS Records.

Za Zas Menace has been making music since 1991. He was in a
grindcore band, then started working on his own music as a Techno,
Trance, Industrial artists. He strives to be different and has a
very unique style. He became signed to KARAKS Records in February
2009, one month after it was created.

Pyro "the Satanic Juggalo" has been working with music since
October 2008. He has released three solo albums; Gimme the Base,
Bases Loaded and Home Run. All three had featured Za Zas Menace.
Pyro's unique style of Techno, Dance, Trance, Industrial and a
little bit of Tribal stands out as well.

The two began talking about working on a group effort, as well as
solo, for awhile and finally pulled it together. They created Ravin
Naturals in November 2009.

"We do have to give props where it is due. We were introduced to
each other by a mutual friend who knew we would work together well.
He was right. We take this time now to give a huge fucking Whoop
Whoop!!!!! to bRuTaL."


KARKAS Records, Inc.
Oct 31, 2009


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