Pyro the Satanic Juggalo — Scranton, PA

Genre: Dance Music / Electronica / Industrial Music

Artist Profile

Name: Pyro the Satanic Juggalo
Label: KARKAS Records
Location: Scranton PA


He makes his own music. He has his own style and mixes it up a bit. He stands out from what everyone else does. He does techno, trance, dance, experimental, etc. He went to school for Digital Graphic & Multimedia Design (though he dropped out) and he was a DJ for Hatchet Radio Dot Com. Previous to working with Hatchet Radio, he was a DJ for parties, gatherings, etc. He tried to play at Raves a few times, but he was too young and not knowledgeable yet to make it. He had his own radio station, Darkest Realms Radio G99.9. It was hosted on his website, Darkest Realms Network.

He has been in the music field since October of 2008. His albums so far and as planned will always have 10 songs. He is signed to Crazed Mindz Productions and is working on his own record label, KARKAS Records. KARKAS Records has been around since Januaury of 2009 and has other people signed to it.

Pyro Speaks:

"I have wanted to do something with music for several years. I didn't know what I wanted to do. I have lyrics for songs ranging from the styles and influences of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Green Day, ICP, Blaze Ya Dead Homie!, ABK, Mindless Self Indulgence, Kottonmouth Kings, Metallica, KoRn, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, etc. To you and those not mentioned, I give three "Whoop Whoop"'s!!!! Nothing seemed right. I didn't have the opportunity to put the beats with the lyrics. Finally, I got started making beats for some videos. These videos were for one of my project web sites. I was told by Dead Arm (bRuTaL and Dead Arm) to keep making beats and start a career out of it, so I did. And here I am still making shit. And I love it."


Gimme The Base was finished November 18th, 2008. Gimme The Base is a mix of styles ranging from Industrial, Tribal, Trance, Dance and Techno.

Bases Loaded was finished February 11, 2009. Bases Loaded is a mix of styles once again. It has a little humor added. It also has mention of Pyro's love for haterz.

Home Run is due to be released December 1, 2009. Pre-Order is scheduled to start as soon as possible. It is rumored that there might be some surprises with this album.


I am bringing Techno back.

It seems that I am the first Juggalo to attempt Techno. Did I inspire you to continue this trend? Let me know. I would love to see more of it. Go to FYE, Hot Topic, Spencers or any other store. Take a look at the shelves in the Dance Section. It will look like this: 20% Reggae, 20% Disco (yes, they still sell it), 20% Latin, 20% Alternative/Pop, 10% Unidentifiable garbage, 10% DJ Tiesto and other Raving Greats. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE DANCE SECTION SHOULD LOOK LIKE. Come on, where are the techno artists? Props to you few DJ's who have put CD's into these ass backwards stores and attempting to bring out the greatness of Dancing. To you, I give a Whoop Whoop!!!! or three.

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Pyro the Satanic Juggalo or pyrotsj

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Butcherman, Pyro the Satanic Juggalo, KARKAS Records, pyrotsj

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 10/16/2008
Number of Members: 1
Gender of Members: Male

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Venues Played:
No live shows at this time. Pyro is trying to gather a fan base. He is also working with Rap Artists to throw something fresh out to the crowd with a better sound.

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