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Dallas TX
If you live in Dallas, you're faced with the never-ending dichotomy of glam verses sham, pretty verses gritty. You might walk into a dive bar one minute and see a thirty thousand-dollar millionaire douche trying to pass him/herself off as a Dallas hipster by shear environmental choosing, and then see an authentic peacocking indie bemoaner two bar stools down judging said millionaire before he/...  Read more
If you have a new indie band in the Metroplex and you’ve finally gotten good enough to start playing outside your mom’s basement, it could be time to start booking gigs at the indie venues in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton, Texas. Before Music Center (formally Smirnoff, before that Coca Cola Starplex) and the American Airlines Center come calling, you may be setting your hopes a...  Read more
Dallas might not be Seattle, Atlanta, Boston or Austin, but over the years there have definitely been some great bands come out of the woodwork. If it were not for these venues that gave new bands a chance, and many of those now defunct, they may have never gotten their start. They didn’t have indie sites where you can sell your music like 1. Club Dada – A faded teal exterior...  Read more
There has always been a rivalry between Fort Worth and Dallas and although I’m a bigger fan of Dallas, Fort Worth people definitely are more laid back. These two venues are ok in my book. I’ve been to them many times. 1. The Aardvark - “Ft. Worth, Texas' premier Live music Venue,” The Aardvark has featured local bands and some local gone national such as: Bowling for Soup, Bob Schneider,...  Read more
I lived in Denton for five and a half years. During that time I checked out many places for music and fan fare. Below are some of the main venues which seem to be the most indie-friendly from the obscurity of their talent and performances along with knowing those who have performed as well as performing myself. 1. Hailey's - It is a big place, a nice set up, good sound system, and the staff is...  Read more
Check out this 2006 Dallas underground hip hop video filmed in the 3D CAT Studios Animation and special FX warehouse where scenes from the latest Chuck Norris made-for-TV movie Trial by Fire was filmed as well as Soujas by Master P (video below). Notice the token white guy in the video, that's me. Steve Austin is not a bad rapper and Bussa Move really grew on me. He received Dallas Observer's "...  Read more
Do you remember 1995? For all of you knocking on age 30’s door and those a little past the threshold, you can probably relate to this list of bands and albums which were released in the early-to-mid 1990s when you were a teenager. At the beginning of 1995, I turned 14 years-old. It was the end of my eighth grade year and the beginning of my freshman year in high school. Thirteen years later I...  Read more
I couldn't get it to embed straight from YouTube, but below is a link showing me playing Under The Milky Way Tonight by The Church. It was recorded on The Flip camera, which I subsequently I have outgrown. The vocal sound quality isn't great. Anyway, enjoy watching my facial expressions!   Read more
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