Phantomizer — Odense / Denmark,

Genre: Metal

Artist Profile

Name: Phantomizer
Label: unsigned
Location: Odense / Denmark


Danish thrash/speed metal band was found by drummer Anders Edal in 2006. Going through vast quantities of member changing, bassist Erik Arenfalk (who already played with Anders in the crossover band Under Al Kritik) joined in 2007 after the original lineup fell apart. The aim was playing old-school thrash/speed metal, a genre screaming for revival.

Continuing the bloodline through 2007 with various members in and out, and stable lead guitarist Thomas Buris filling the guitar space.
2008 was the year of finalizing the lineup. Vocalist Jonas Juul leaves the band in April, and the band is soon joined by shredding second guitarist Anders Sultan in July, closely followed by Austrian vocalist David Walcher who had just settled in the country. The band was immediately convinced by the Austrian's ripping vocals. Thomas left the band in the autumn, so a second guitarist was now the only thing needed. Enter Stefan Rose, close friend of Sultan and completer of the lineup.

In december 2008, the band released the three song demo SEXTASY. Now, in 2009, a compilation appearance and a 2nd demo will be released around summer. The aim is now up for playing shows and spreading the endless speed disease throughout the country!

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 01/07/2008
Number of Members: 5
Gender of Members: Male

Band Members / Instruments:
David Walcher: vocals
Anders Sultan: Lead Guitar
Stefan Rose: Rythm Guitar
Erik Arenfalk: Bass
Anders Edal: Drums

Musical Influences:
Adrenalin, sex, death, pain, madness & Ennui ~ as well as the sound of American & German thrash metal, British & Japanese speed


Venues Played:

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