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Output Failure is an aggressive, dirty, emotionally charged act from NE PA. Combining early 90's grunge with a modern indie feel, Output Failure is a sonic explosion of raw and honest energy that is both intriguing and original. This band of malcontents is utilizing its talent and experience to help bring forth a new era, free of bubblegum pop and sugar coated rock.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist, S. Matthew Glass, has been performing, writing, and recording since John [Bobbit] lost his wiener. Having been featured in Hit Parader and Metal Edge magazines for his previous work, most notably with the band Path Aesthetic, he decided to go out on his own. Doing what he really loves and feels in his heart, he formed Output Failure in Early 2009.

A published poet and Zoloft enthusiast, Matthew writes about overcoming, or trying to overcome, life's vast mountains. Looking adversity in the face and giving him a 1 finger salute; lost loves, fading dreams, coping with ourselves, the problems within our system and society, and our eternal internal struggles.

With influences ranging from Nirvana to Dinosaur Jr, Tool to KMFDM, Output Failure wants to mend a broken music scene with real 'emo'tion. Lets join in the fight against cookie cutter bands. Together we can show this world what we are really made of. Lets stop sucking up to the man and allowing ourselves to be force fed lies. Don't allow ourselves to be told what to buy, who to listen to, and what to watch on T.V. We are individuals and should be treated as such. With Output Failure we will be.

Dinosaur Jr, The Smashing Pumpkins, Hot Like [A] Robot, Tool, Nirvana, Failure, Helmet, The Mars Volta, Oceansize, Cream, Jimi,

Jan 1, 2009


By weedybeats on 10/12/09 at 6:08pm
I relly appreciate that, THANKS!
By Output_Failure on 09/09/09 at 11:42pm
Thanks, bro. We are in the process of finishing up our full length. We just have some rough mixes up at the moment. In a couple of days we should be posting a new song up so we will keep you...
By Howard on 09/09/09 at 3:31pm
Love your songs. Full album soon?

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