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New York City NY

A Graveyard Of Elephants

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Self-defeating voting patterns
in the name of your dittohead culture war
Still buy the lies of your fountainhead gods
What's the matter with Kansas?

Rising tide that lifts all boats
We're drowning
What happened to no god or government?

An insane society is a polite society

It starts out all "John Galt"/Friedman America
but who's the parasite now?
Convince the rubes that you're agents of freedom
Masters of the shining city on the hill

Maybe you didn't get the memo but
your manual wasn't supposed to be "1984"

Ideas have consequences

Principles given 25 years of free reign
Relegate to the cesspool of failed ideas
Contradicting factions tore a nation asunder
Trash heap of history they should be consigned

It's called the American Dream and you know what this means
That you have to be asleep to believe it

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Lafayette , LA
Ketchum , OK
Suwanee , GA
Freistadt , O
Fort Worth , TX
Ocean Park , WA
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