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Species To Be Regretted 3:38 Explicit Add to Playlist Free
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The following facts are ocurring in New Zealand:

It was December 2006 when Adriano De Melo and Allan McLachlan met at the Auckland Hospital – walking among the lost and the sick. As these creatures recognized each other as “worshippers of the distorted art”, they decided to get together for a jam which happened soon after that. These jams then turned into a constant meeting to produce “unsound sounds” and from those “black pearls” were born!

That’s when they met Josh Hughes (Bloodletting, ex-8 Foot Sativa) who was their first man of the 4-strings until Dave Grinder (Damned Age) took over the position. In early 2007 they did an experimental gig opening for Bloodletting at the Masonic Tavern – with no vocals.

The first voice of desolation was Lee Fowler (Under the Covers). But as Lee was pursuing a different musical direction for the vocal lines, he decided to leave the band. That’s when Raj “BlackBong”(Exordium Mors) joined and stayed for a short but awesome time, in which he added a mix of old school German Thrash with Black Metal vocals that sounded like the most pure “chaotic devastation”, one’s little mind could think of! But as Raj was already playing in 2 other bands, they concluded that although his vocal styles were fucking mean, he wouldn’t have the time needed to help establish Nullifier. As Raj left, Andy Insanity (Gate 13) became their front man. About the same time James Erceg (ex-Brutal Panda) took over the lead guitars. And as Mr Grinder (Dave) moved to Wellington with Damned Age, Lee Steele (Just One Fix & Gate 13) grabbed Nullifier’s 4-strings! They played some memorable gigs with this line up throughout 2007 with some of the most fucking amazing bands like UPRAW, Anabyss, Bloodletting, West of Hell, Demon Foetal Harvest, Never Repent, Black Tooth, Metal Tower and Gate 13. After their first 10 gigs they departed ways with Lee Steele who would then join Just One Fix and Gate 13. And as Nullifier started auditioning for the bass position, they crossed paths with Nick Milat who after the first jam secured the position and has since then added a huge lot to the solidification of the band.

A bit later Andy Insanity decided to leave as he also wanted to pursue a different direction. And at this point in time Adriano decided to step in and do the vocals himself, despite the fact that being a vocalist had never crossed his mind. The band at this stage was naturally pending towards a heavier approach, something in between Sodom and Benediction. The vocals were now something phantasmagorical…
But at the same time James Erceg was also making it clear that he wanted something more on the lines of Nevermore, and therefore Mr Erceg departed ways with Nullifier.

As the band was looking for a “fourth limb” to complete the entity they invited Warren Mathieson (ex-Trial By Fire / presently with Under The Covers) to join the “Magneto’s Side”, which he accepted!

So there you go, after almost an 8 month-hiatus, “The Billy-Goat” has been resurrected once again and is ready to flood the World with “Lucifer’s Tears”!
Heavily and unashamedly influenced by the Brazilian Metal Gods and the Floridian Death Metal Demons... Blindly and proudly infected by the German Metal Scene from the 80's! That’s NULLIFIER!

Adriano De Melo (Rhythm Guitar/Vox)
Warren Mathieson (Lead Guitar)
Nick Milat (Bass/Backing Vox)
Allan McLachlan (Drums)

In Dec 2008, NULLIFIER released their first demo – Resurrection of the Billy-Goat, with 4 pieces of pure old school Thrash/Death Metal:

Species to be Regretted
Lucifer’s Tears
Resurrection of the Billy-Goat
The End of You

In March 2009 the band will be recording their first proper EP at the Asylum Studio with Johnny Kierle (Anabyss/Hammjacker).

Be aware: NULLIFIER was born to UNMASK!

Sodom, Sepultura, Destruction, Obituary, Benediction, Kreator, Six Feet Under, Mutilator, Autopsy, Overkill and Nuclear Assault.

Exhumation Recordings
Jan 1, 2007


By Howard on 02/09/09 at 2:32pm
Yea, This is really good stuff. Your drummer is a beast...I'm jealous. What kind of snare is that?
By matt on 02/09/09 at 11:08am
Sorry it took me so long to respond. Very nice tracks, I am a huge fan of metal. I have to say that the intro to "Lucifer's Tears" is pretty sick. Your drummer is a beast! Be sure to send me a...


Lucifer's Tears
Dec 30, 2008
Lucifer's Tears Cease the Light Tantric Fight Dark and Bright He is the Lord of the Night Hear the crying wolves Call his Rebirth As they proclaim Your pain is in vain Make them see Lucifer’s Tears Flood the ground Your Eyes My Son You Are Satan Your Eyes My Son You Are Satan Deceive the deceived Kill…in order to breed! Fulfill your darkest needs As the Lord spreads his wings Hear the crying...
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