Nuanimal — Port Saint Lucie, FL

Genre: Rock

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Artist Profile

Name: Nuanimal
Location: Port Saint Lucie FL


Nuanimal is a dub fusion rock band from S.E. Florida. Four young men combine passion and creativity in a variety of musical styles including rock, reggae, funk and hip hop. From a great range of musical influences common commendation between band members goes to Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, Incubus, and Tool.

Joining of Nuanimal began in 2005 at a factory in South Florida. Rob (guitar) and Jorge (bass) started hanging out after work and jamming with local drummers. Their first songs “Storm and Away” were written with drummer, friend and coworker Victor Veloz. After writing several songs and playing with different drummers as “Trio Roots”, Rob and Jorge focused on finding the right drummer to complement their unique sound. Grady (drums) found the ad at the local music shop and requested an immediate tryout; their first meeting the threesome had the most intense jam they’d ever experienced. Grady fit the project like a wet glove, the three instantly became friends and started writing songs together. At one point they all worked at the same factory and would spend the day discussing the project. With the new drummer came the project title “Nuanimal” expressing ongoing change and the current beast at heart. Grady dropped his working band to focus on Nuanimal and in no time the trio was performing as a fusion band with Jorge singing a few songs. Across the street from the band’s home lived a shy novice drummer named Joe (vocals); he has been a friend and neighbor of Robs for nearly a decade at this point. During a house party Joe belted out remarkable melodies and lyrics amongst Nuanimal’s set, immediately they knew they wanted Joe to front the band. Joe started attending band practice and added vocals to Nuaniaml’s songs. Throughout the time improving their existing songs several new songs were written reflecting the projects combined development.

A few months after introducing Joe the band had over twenty original songs and started performing as a quartet. The money raised from gigging went to recording their first album “Where’s Your Mind” in 2008. This album has a unique sound quality partly due to its live recording method. Soon after the album was released track title “All My Life” started airing on 103.1 Buzz Jr.
Nuanimal participates but is not limited to the following community charities and events: W.P.B. Walk for Cancer, St. Lucie County School’s March for Music, T.C. Surfrider Foundation keeping our beaches beautiful, Port Salerno Seafood Festival cleaning the Indian River, Pineapple Festival helping locals party, One World Festival’s and Skateboarding competitions. Nuanimal continues to perform and work on new music with fresh intensity anticipating their vibe lingers and is enjoyed around the world. www.myspace.com/nuanimal1

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 04/20/2004
Number of Members: 4
Gender of Members: Male

Band Members / Instruments:
Joe: vocals
Rob: Guitar
Jorge: Bass
Grady: Drums

Musical Influences:
Led Zeppelin
Red Hot Chili Peppers


Venues Played:

Most Frequent Venue:

Favorite Venue:

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