Mount Righteous — Grapevine, TX

Genre: Indie

Artist Profile

Name: Mount Righteous
Label: Righteous Records
Location: Grapevine TX


madeloud review
From Texas suburbia, Mount Righteous gather and sing as a completely acoustic band of 11 men and women between the ages of 19 and 25. We are not a religious band.

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 07/01/2007
Number of Members: 11
Gender of Members: Male/Female

Band Members / Instruments:
WHEELER: Percussion, Voice
ALLISON: Trombone, Voice
CASEY: Snare, Voice
MR PARKER: Guitar, Voice
DEREK: Guitar, Voice
JOEY: Bass Drum, Voice
JUSTIN: Guitar, Accordian, Voice
KENDALL: Bells, Melodica, Voice
LEE: Sousaphone, Voice
MASON: Trombone, Percussion, Voice
NICOLE: Cymbals, Percussion, Voice, Life saving

Musical Influences:
Loud Noises


Venues Played:
lots of parking lots, we play all over the DFW area

Most Frequent Venue: ???

Favorite Venue: House Parties and Parking Lots

Average: 4.7 (9 votes)

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