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Heat Up The Spot (feat. Playa Took) 3:37 Explicit Add to Playlist $0.99
Watch Me Go (Ringtone Instrumental) 3:46 Clean Add to Playlist $0.50
Eight Trax (feat. Yun-Gun) 3:35 Explicit Add to Playlist $0.99
4:20 Get Budded (feat. Billy Budtoker & Chiefa) 3:19 Explicit Add to Playlist $0.99
Mercedes (Ringtone Instrumental) 3:27 Add to Playlist $0.75


Im a solo artist, a producer, and one third of the Salinas-based crew Kryme Wave. Rhymed since age 6, recorded my 1st demo at 14, and finally released a full album on my own in 2007.....I been selling units out of the trunk of my car since then & recording new music wherever and whenever I get the chance. And even tho I'm one helluva underrated indie artist as a result of early career mismanagement that went on years ago, I'm still thankful as ever for the fact I got this far on my own up till now. Those interested in getting info and/or networking can either send a message here, or send a text message to 831-238-5505. THANK U & MUCH LUV for the support!!!!

Too many influences to list here......we're gonna be here a very long time

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Jan 5, 1988


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