MichaelVictor — J-Ville, IL

Genre: Hardcore / Hip Hop / Indie

Artist Profile

Name: MichaelVictor
Label: Untouchable Ent.
Location: J-Ville IL


Born and raised in the state of ILL. Michael's father a jazz singer, mother could sing, dance,and play piano. He grow up with music always around him. Turning his troubled times into music, Mike made his own style a force in the streets. The hustler found himself in the wrong place with the wrong people, then quickly sidelined. "You Know". He's Back he screams and this time, 'I'm turely Untouchable'. My focus this time is hustlin music.The first album Cooming Soon "Thugg Passion". http://www.myspace.com/2untochable

Background Information

Date Started Playing: 03/12/2004
Number of Members: 1
Gender of Members: Male

Band Members / Instruments:

Musical Influences:
God Mother 2Pac


Venues Played:
Juneteenth-Springfeild IL. The Bass-Decatur IL.

Most Frequent Venue: Nothing latey working on new album

Favorite Venue: Vele's Planet: it was a Rocking Roll Bar, Me and my homie Mr. Loc set it off.

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