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Meek White! If you never heard this name before get use to it because Meek White has been popping up all over the place and has no plans on slowing down!
Meek White was born and raised in the Mid-West and developed a love for music at the tender age of 4. She was inspired while watching her dad’s band rehearse for shows and would often be the center of attention by singing and dancing along with him.
While in high school Meek would gather in the circle in the lunch room and as someone tapped on the table to give a beat Meek would spit out her own version of Hip-Hop. She developed a reputation of the hottest Female Rapper around at that time. “Meek White is what I like to call a quintuple threat!” Says DJ Rock. “She Dance, Sings, Raps, Produce and Writes her own music”. Meek White is definitely a star above the rest. Not only does she do music, Meek White also acts. Her breakout role in 2007’s play “Rules to the Game”, inspired Meek to write her own play; “It’s Hard Loving a Woman Like Me.” Meek’s play, went into production February 26, 2010 and she performed to a sold out crowd at the African American Museum in Detroit Michigan. “It’s Hard Loving a Woman Like Me”, was written, directed and starred Meek White, with original Music on the sound track.
Now Meek White is back focused on her music and just released 2 new singles; “Running Away” and “Girl friend “Running Away” has already gotten quite a buzz and is currently spinning on Radio shows all over the country. The song is very melodic and gives Meek’s unique style the opportunity to shine. Recently, “Running Away” was featured on FM 98 (WJLB) Taste Test and generated tons of positive feedback; its sure to be one (1) of this summer’s hottest songs.

While Running Away is a little more urban, the song “Girl friend” brings out the “Pop Genre” side of Meek. Her début album “Let’s Get Away, is set to come out this year, so buckle your safety belts because this is going to be a Awesome ride!!!

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