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Orlando FL

Fresh From The Rivers Down Below

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SKU: TRK-155-7913

Thugmasta J:

Thug J is back from the rhymes from below
It spit it cold with a flow like snow
Stealing beats from the fortress music
It's on the e-zone so I'm gonna use it
I don't use e-mail to proposition boys
Have no need for Mark Foley's toys
Looking forward to the interm election
See if America make the right selections
If they don't we'll be in trouble
And you'll see me come out the rubble
In one hand is krunkman's axe
The other one holds tasty snacks
Caffeine for all its anime night
MVC 2 lets do it right
Cuz I'm wiggin out like Don Patch
Sexy ladies, show some snatch


I pulled this out my ass
I thought you should know
Fresh from the rivers down below

Six years later still busting raps
Avoiding all the trendy traps
I could give a shit about bling or grills
I make my skrilla and pay my bills
Sit and home and eat easy mac
Plan my next vocal attack
Unleash it for everyone to hear
And when they don't I shed no tears
Instead I get back to work
They could never stop this jerk
I've been dissed on I've been flamed
But they're close minded all the same
When I write rhymes they're for my boys
So they can jam to the wicked noise
And bump that shit in their car
To all my homies near and far

Chorus 2

Back up in your ass like a proctologist
I don't give a shit you get the gist
The time has come to face your fears
Nah just kidding, have a beer
While I kick back and sip the dew
Product placement I thought you knew
They're writing me a huge fucking check
Woo hah! (I get no respect)
And that's what i get for selling out
No street cred to brag about
Nobody screaming Thugmasta J
Just jackin on 4chan and that's okay
And when my body leaves my soul
You'll reflect on the beats I stole
You'll remember this here track
And say that it was fucking wack

Chorus 3


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